Anisoprint Composer A4 3D printer

Composer A4 is a 3D printer from the manufacturer Anisoprint.

The company is Russian and has its headquarters in Luxembourg. Due to this the company plans to attract more investments and to reach a wider world level.

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Composer A4 is a unique model, which produces prints from high-strength composite materials primarily with reinforcing fibers. Which gives the finished product similarity to the quality of aircraft aluminum.


  • High strength products;
  • Two extruders;
  • The temperature of the extruders heating up to 250C;
  • The working temperature of the table up to 120C;
  • Works with all laminates in open-type spools;
  • Diameter of plastic thread 1.75 mm;
  • Fully automated process;
  • Software Anisoprint Aura (FFF+CFC), Cura, Slic3r (FFF only);
  • Maximum product size 297×210×145 mm (subsequent gluing is possible).

The printer is suitable for use in manufacturing, small and medium-sized businesses. It can also be placed in the home. The printer does not require any additional blowing. The entire process is fully automated.Initially, the product is designed in a special program that comes with the printer, and then everything is printed. The user is only required to turn on the printer, and load the material.

This 3D printer can print small household items, as well as complex turbine parts.

Examples of products:

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