Composer A3 3D printer

The Composer A3 3D printer was developed by the Russian company Anisoprint.
This is a unique equipment, which is able to print products from very strong composite materials, which will be similar in density to aircraft aluminum.


  • High precision products;
  • Printing by FDM technology;
  • Many different materials can be used;
  • Heated glass platform up to 120 C;
  • Two extruders heated up to 250 C;
  • Closed chamber type.

3D printer can be used in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in classrooms, laboratories.
It is possible to produce products with dimensions up to 420×297 millimeters.
The software is included. The program interface is intuitive for any user. In the program a 3D model is created and then the product is printed. The process is fully automated. Printing is easy and fast enough.
Almost all products can be printed on this equipment, from phone covers to complex parts for various mechanisms.

Examples of products:


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