CreatBot D600 Pro 3D printer

The CreatBot D600 Pro ( is an industrial 3D printer. A number of key points distinguish this model from its competitors, making it popular in today’s analog market.


  • High temperature up to 400 °C with additional systems for plastic cooling and automatic stabilization of all processes and drying.
  • Extruder with two height adjustable nozzles.
  • Efficient and precise printing of difficult plastics.
  • All-metal housing ensures reliability and long service life.
  • Automatic optimization and data storage in case of system failure.
  • Touch screen, easy to operate.

Materials used

This printer prints many types of plastics: from bulk to engineering. Suitable filament materials:

  • ABS;
  • Carbon Fiber;
  • HIPS;
  • Flexible;
  • Nylon;
  • PC;
  • PLA; PLA;
  • PP;
  • PTEG;
  • PVA;
  • TPU;
  • Wood.


The order is delivered in a sturdy wood box with careful packing of fragile parts:

  • printer;
  • Spanners, screwdriver, fasteners, hexes, rubberized feet;
  • USB card and cable;
  • tweezers, nozzle cleaning needle;
  • duct tape, glue sticks;
  • PLA plastic spools;
  • spare stepper motor control module;
  • repair parts;
  • electronic instruction manual and product data sheet;
  • sticker for the printing platform.


The software is user-friendly and understandable, there is a possibility to set the language.

  • Software – CreatBot, CreatWare;
  • OS – Linux, Mac OS, OSX, Windows;
  • Interfaces – USB, SD.

Examples of products

Video review

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