Creatbot F430 Overview – High-Temperature 3D Printer Version for 420 °C

The CreatBot F430 is a low-cost, high-temperature 3D printer for additive printing with PEEK filament and other high-performance materials that require high extrusion temperatures. It works with industrial filament at extruder temperatures up to 420 °C and assembly temperatures up to 70 °C.

Characteristics of the CreatBot F430

Working volume heated to 70 °C minimizes deformation
3D printing with materials such as PEEK, nylon, PC and other high-temperature filaments – Hot-end heating up to 420 °C
Power failure backup, easy resumption of printing
Automatic alignment and print platform adjustment
CreatBot F430 low-cost, high-temperature 3D printer for additive printing with PEEK filament
If you need cost-effective PEEK filament printing, you should get the low-cost CreatBot F430 high temperature 3D printer ( Thanks to the heated working volume up to 70 °C, the printer can also handle complex industrial filament samples from ABS, PC, PP, nylon, PEEK and other materials. Accuracy is high, speed is impressive. Parts for the mechanical engineering, aerospace, medical and automotive industries can be printed on this machine without any problems.

System characteristics of CreatBot F430:

  • Heated workspace reduces warping
  • All-metal hot-end
  • Hot-end heating up to 420 °C
  • High precision printing
  • Full metal enclosure
  • Large assembly volume: 40 × 30 × 30 cm
  • Power failure backup, easy resumption of printing
    Filament sensor
  • Glass ceramic work platform for remarkably smooth printout base
  • Simple and intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Direct drive of the extruder
  • Automatic alignment and adjustment of print platform
  • Fully enclosed assembly area
  • Air filtration system

High-temperature 3D printer with hot-end heating up to 420 °C

CreatBot was one of the first companies to release truly affordable high-temperature (up to 420 °C) 3D printers. The CreatBot F430 has a dual extruder that allows you to print with different filaments with different properties. The nozzle parameters can be fine-tuned manually, or you can choose from predefined configurations.

High precision and impressive speed

This is where the precision industrial extruder guidance system helps us. So you can create super-thin and precise objects. During the printing process, the optional extruder runs smoothly and very evenly. The accuracy reaches 0.04 mm. 3D printing in general and extruding in particular with the CreatBot F430 goes without jerks and the nozzle is clogged to a minimum.

Accuracy: up to 0.04mm
Speed: up to 120 mm/s


Robust metal frame for stability

The CreatBot F430 high-temperature 3D printer is built to last for years and years, aided by its rugged metal frame. The optimization and coherence of all system components ensure stable and efficient operation. The first CreatBot 3D printer series has been faithfully working for more than 5 years and for more than 8000 hours.

Fully enclosed high-temperature build chamber
The fully enclosed build space allows you to work with materials that have a strong tendency to deform (ABS, nylon, PC, PP, etc.). The closed high-temperature chamber protects from all external influences, the temperature inside it is constant, and it is hardly audible from outside that something is working inside. Due to the stable temperature, the models are not deformed during the printing process.

Fully enclosed, acrylic doors open, prints are easy to take out

Hot air system can maintain temperature up to 70°C in the chamber

Recovery from power failure and filament sensor

If there is a power failure, this 3D printer automatically remembers where it left off. It also lowers the print platform and retracts the filament. When the current returns, printing resumes without problem.

Working with the CreatBot F430 thanks to its intelligent features is a pleasure, saving time, money and nerves.

Power failure

No worries

Retracting Saving data Lowering the platform

Restoring power

Continue printing

Intuitive and simple touch screen

This 3D printer has a color touch screen. Operating the F430 is simple and intuitive. Touch an icon and the process is on: heat, move, fill filament, or start 3D printing. Keep an eye on the printing process at all times and make decisions according to the situation. Getting the perfect result is easy.

Ceramic Glass Platform for Smooth Surfaces

This 3D printer has a glass-ceramic printing platform, which results in a smooth bottom layer of prints, but maintains good adhesion. The ceramic surface is very easy to apply adhesive. Thanks to the good heat transfer, you also save energy by effectively heating the print platform. If desired, you can turn the heating off after several layers.

Clean air thanks to air filter system

The air filter system effectively removes dirt and odors from the environment. It also provides safety when working with actively evaporating filaments such as ABS. The air filtration makes the CreatBot F430 environmentally friendly and safe. Use it in the office, workshop, school, college, university, or for broader educational purposes.

Automatic platform alignment for perfect surfaces

The CreatBot F430 has 25 points for proper print platform alignment. There is a special sensor to measure the distance between the extruder nozzle and the platform. Then, during operation, the F430 uses it to control when extruding materials of varying strengths so that the layers are smooth. That way, the final printouts are smoother, too. So we see that quality monitoring is ensured from the first layer.

The PEEK filament and its applications
The standard F430 works perfectly with PLA, ABS, nylon, etc. But here comes the F430 – 420 °C PEEK. PEEK filament requires a 420 °C extrusion temperature, and the new F430 delivers it! PEEK is characterized by high strength, impact toughness, corrosion and wear resistance. The material is used in aerospace, electrical, medical, engineering, automotive and other industries. F430 – 420 °C allows all the exciting technological possibilities of this filament.

The CreatBot F430 high-temperature printer also works with other high-tech materials.

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