Flashforge Creator 3

Flashforge Creator 3 is a 3D printer equipped with two independent extruders, capable of simultaneously printing 2 identical models or one object with support from different materials, including water-soluble ones. The printing platform is 300 mm*250 mm*200 mm. By using soluble support, even the most complex parts can be printed with impressive results.

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At Creator 3 the extruder is heated up to 300 °C, this allows you to print a wide range of materials: ABS, PLA, PETG, Flex, Nylon, TEPG, TPU, HIPS, etc.

The closed body and removable top cover of the printer protects against dust and foreign particles in the printing chamber, and helps stabilize the temperature for high detail and consistent results.
Creator 3 belongs to the professional 3D printers and is suitable for use in the office or in production. Applications: automotive, aviation, architecture, education, medicine, manufacturing, etc.

The developers of Flashforge constantly improve their printers, the Creator 3 model is no exception and has received a number of improvements relating to the extruder, the printing platform and the ventilation system.

The main features of the Flashforge Creator 3 3D printer:

Two independent extruders
The updated version adds more vents on the extruder housing, optimizes the nozzle structure, adds a heat sink, and improves the efficiency of the sensor on the nozzle. They contribute to cooling to make it easier to load the plastic when the ambient temperature is very high

A removable printing platform with a flexible top layer. This allows parts to be neatly removed either with tools or by simply bending the top layer of the platform
The updated version has a flatter platform with better surface thermal conductivity, making it much easier to install the platform and remove print patterns.

It is possible to mirror print the same models 2 times faster. Print 2 different patterns or one pattern in different plastics.
3 print modes Flashforge Creator 3
Built-in camera for remote printing monitoring. Use the camera and Wi-Fi connection to stop or pause printing remotely.
Intuitive 4.5″ color touch screen
Automatic intelligent Z-axis alignment. Simply press a button on the screen to start calibration, and the software reads the height of the extruders and performs alignment with the sensors and transducers.

Premium quality parts
All structural parts are made of steel, which significantly increases the service life even during intensive use.
Send to print via Wi-Fi
FlashCloud and PolarCloud cloud platform
Built-in HEPA class H13 filter for air purification. Filters even fine dust with a filtration efficiency of over 95%.

Filament detection sensor that reports an unexpected end of filament. Printing is paused.
The updated version adds 2 fans on the back of the printer for better air circulation and balance in the temperature chamber.

The spool holder compartment was also redesigned to accommodate a 1kg spool with height up to 70mm and diameter up to 200mm:

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