Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works Introduces Additive Technologies into Production

It seems like additive manufacturing continues to gain momentum at an unprecedented level, with more and more companies implementing its solutions in their production chains. Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works has recently opened a laboratory equipped with six 3D printers and two 3D scanners. The plant’s mechanics print unique parts that take a long time to produce with conventional methods.

3D printing of polymer parts has been mastered; in the near future, it is planned to employ printing with metal. Some of the printers are used to make products up to 250 x 250 x 300 mm in size, others can produce objects of 660 x 660 x 800 mm. One example of a device with such a build volume is the Modix Big 60 3D printer featuring an extremely wide material compatibility alongside the large chamber. 3D scanners are used for reverse engineering, quality control of finished parts, and scanning the geometry of products and assemblies to be restored. It goes without saying these tasks require professional equipment, such as the Einscan Pro 2X 2020, for instance.

“Additive technologies will complement traditional manufacturing techniques and will be used primarily for the production of parts with particularly complex geometries that are difficult or impossible to produce on conventional machines. They will help achieve accuracy, improve overall efficiency, and reduce physical stress on workers,” commented the COO of the plant.

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