Overview of 3D printer manufacturers

3D printing is developing in almost all countries, and there are more and more models on the market produced not only in the U.S. and Germany, where most 3D-printers were made in the last decade, but also in smaller countries, including Poland and Latvia.



ExOne is a recognized leader in the production of devices using additive technology. The company is known for its models of industrial printing machines using sand and various metals as materials. Devices of this manufacturer are successfully used by almost all leaders of the automotive industry, aircraft construction, nuclear industry and other major industries.

The most popular model of the manufacturer is S-Print Furan – an industrial printing machine that allows to quickly produce casting molds of any complexity. Feature of the model is the use of furan resins, the use of which is designed to increase the binding properties of the material and, as a consequence, to use almost any metals and alloys.

The advantages of the model are:

  • Printing speed.
  • Versatility of materials used.
  • Ability to print models of any complexity.
  • Presence of technology of direct synthesis of sand molds.
  • Finished products do not require post-processing.

Moulds made with this 3D printer are successfully used in steel production and metallurgical industry.


VoxelJet is the leading manufacturer of 3D printers on the world market. Most often the machines of this manufacturer are used for making molds and cores out of sand (using Binder Jetting technology).

The most popular 3D printing system of the manufacturer is the voxeljet – VX200. This is an entry-level system that can be used in production of any volume.

The model is effective in printing prototypes, design samples, etc. The technology allows individual adjustment of almost all printing parameters and full control of the process.

The printer has the following advantages:

  • It has a flexible system of settings.
  • Does not require a large space for installation and is suitable for small companies.
  • The printing process is fully automated.
  • Suitable for scientific laboratories and research activities.
  • Comes with high resolution.
  • Characterized by reliability and durability.


EnvisionTEC is known as a supplier specializing in the production of professional 3D printing systems. The equipment produced by the company is successfully used in mechanical engineering, jewelry industry, dentistry and other industries.

Production is located in Germany and the U.S., and service centers of the manufacturer can be found in England, USA and Germany.

The most popular model of the company is the EnvisionTEC Perfactory Desktop XL.

This is a professional desktop 3D printer, which is ideal for home use. It can work with any type of plastic and features high quality printing of products.

The model is also suitable for companies with small and medium capacity.


Canada: PALETTE+ 3D printer

Palette+ is a printer capable of working with water-soluble materials. With the help of this device, it is possible to create products that are rigid and resistant to the negative influence of external factors. In addition, the printer supports the use of PETG filament, suitable for the creation of products intended for food products.

The operating principle of the machine is based on a fundamentally new splicing technology in which the heat is evenly distributed on the surface of the filament. The technology has significantly improved print quality.


Omni3D Factory 2.0

The model was introduced by the manufacturer in the middle of 2020. This version of the printer is a floor-standing device capable of working with almost all existing filaments. The maximum temperature of the device’s extruder is 360 degrees, which is significantly higher than standard indicators.

The device is equipped with two print heads at once, which allows two different filament to be used at once when printing.

Also a distinctive feature of the printer is a large camera, the dimensions of which are 500 × 500 × 500 mm.

Omni3D Factory 2.0 3D printerCalibration of the tabletop auto.
Maximum extruder temperature 360 °C
FDM printing
Temperature of the chamber 70 °C
Temperature of printing table 130 °C
Printing accuracy 200 µm +/- 0.2 mm
Working chamber area 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Number of printheads 2
Thickness of layer from 50 μm
Filament diameter 1.75
Nozzle diameter, mm 0,4


Sinterit Lisa Pro

The Sinterit Lisa Pro is the modified version of the Sinterit Lisa, the flagship of 2019. The new model differs from its predecessor with a larger print chamber and a built-in inert gas system. This model is a bright representative of affordable and reliable 3D printer with SLS technology.

IR laser 5W
The minimum wall thickness of 0.4 mm
SLS printing
Power consumption 1,8 kW
Temperature in chamber 192°C
XY printing accuracy: 50 µm
Footprint area 150 x 200 x 260 mm
Layer thickness from 75 μm





Zortrax M300

Zortrax M300 Dual is a Polish-made 3D printer based on Layer Plastic Deposition Plus printing technology which allows you to work with a system of dissolved support structures.

The model is equipped with a dual hotend with a quality cooling system. The dual extruder supports simultaneous printing with two types of plastic – the main plastic and the support material.

The printing process on the Zortrax M300 Dual is fully automated and takes place without the participation of the operator.

Zortrax M300 3D printerNumber of extruders 1
FDM printing
Heated platform yes
Operating ambient temperature 20 – 30 ˚C
Temperature of printing table 105 ˚C
Extruder temperature 290 ˚C
Footprint area 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Thickness of layer from 90 μm
Filament diameter 1.75
Nozzle diameter, mm 0.4
SD Card interfaces



Anycubic Photon S White Anycubic

This manufacturer has long established itself in the 3D printing industry as a provider of reliable, high-quality, yet budget-friendly printers.

The Anycubic Photon S White Anycubic is an updated version of the Anycubic Photon S in which the printing area has been expanded, the extruder coordination system has been refined and production capacity has been increased.

Anycubic Photon S White 3D printerUV wavelength 405 nm
UV-LED light source
LCD print
Print resolution 2560*1440
Printing accuracy XY: 47 microns, Z:1.25 microns
Working chamber area 115х65х165 mm
Speed 20 mm/h
Layer thickness from 25 microns
2,8″ color TFT display
Price 24 890 rubles



Wanhao Duplicator 8

Wanhao Duplicator 8 is a photopolymer printer with the best combination of price and quality. It uses LCD technology with an LCD screen as a light source.

The model is characterized by ease of operation, as well as the possibility of extremely fast calibration, for which the user only needs a piece of blank paper and no more than five minutes of free time.

The printer’s LSD screen resolution is 2560 × 1600.

The Phrozen Sonic mini is a successful 3D printer from a Taiwanese manufacturer. The printer works using LSD technology, and liquid photopolymers are used as materials.

The plastic hardens under the influence of ultraviolet light.


Rokit Invivo

Rokit Invivo is the world’s first medical bio-3D printer. It can use fishing line and hydrogel layers as a printing material, as well as fill the product with paints. The creation of this printer was a real breakthrough in the field of medical research.

The InssTek MX-Mini is a small-sized device designed for metal printing. Its features are:

Relatively small dimensions of the working surface – 850 × 850 × 950 mm.
Use of Direct Metal Tooling technology.
Presence of a fiber laser with a power of 300 W/500 W.
Can be used in small-scale production in small and medium-sized companies.


3D Systems Projet MJP 2500

The 3D Systems Projet MJP 2500 is a wax printer that is capable of printing 16mm thick layers at high speeds that are more than 25 times faster than the nearest competitor.

The device’s multi-layer printing saves time by creating models designed for precision investment casting. The printer features high quality printing and the ability to realize the smallest elements with sharp edges.

This model is the flagship of Formlabs. It uses low power LFS stereolithography technology. This advanced technology has reduced process complexity. Formlabs Form 3 is capable of printing any model, recreating fine details even in products with complex geometry.

HP Jet Fusion 5200

An industrial 3D printing machine designed for metal printing and use in high-volume production. Successfully used by many businesses in the consumer and industrial sectors, including Jaguar Land Rover, Kupol, Materialise, Sculpteo, Prodartis and Vest


Admaflex 130

Model for printing with ceramics and metals. Suitable for the production of functional and aesthetic parts. The printer is ideal for materials with high viscosity, which allows for high speed and reliability of printing.

The printer has the following advantages:

  • Has high productivity.
  • Operates on the principle of zero waste production.
  • Quickly switch between different types of materials.

The geography of manufacturers The geography of manufacturers of 3D printers is constantly expanding. Today, even unknown suppliers can offer quality models that are perfect for users to solve their tasks. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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