Print quality and specifications of the Uniz SLASH 2 3D printer

In this article you will learn the main features of the Uniz SLASH 2 3D printer, its advantages over other models, its application field and printing quality. Also here will be a guide for the initial setup of the equipment and examples of products printed on this device.

Uniz SLASH 2 3D printer overview

Printer description

SLASH 2 is one of the newest 3D printers designed for printing with photopolymers. The classic printing technologies are DPL and SLA. This model features LCD technology. It uses a high-resolution matrix for resin polymerization, which greatly increases the speed of the work without loss of quality.

The high printing speed and large build area make this model suitable for the production of high-precision products made of photopolymer resins. Thanks to the automatic fluid delivery system, the costs are significantly reduced. In addition, SLASH 2 has an open printing system. Therefore, the user can take absolutely any resin without any restrictions.

The SLASH 2 printer is considered a standard stereolithographic desktop equipment. It uses photopolymer materials for its operation. In appearance, it is almost the same as its “big brothers”. There are two buttons on the body. One is on the back of the device and is responsible for power supply. The second one is in the front side and is a sensor. It is with its help that quick manual control of the equipment is possible.

You can also control it with the help of a computer. In addition, a cell phone can be connected. Remote control is carried out using a wired connection or wireless Internet. The device has its own Wi-Fi router. It is only necessary to connect to the device and log in to Uniz. After that, the connection between the printer and the user’s router is set up.

On the vertical axis, there is a ball screw gear. The profile guide is also located there. In addition, the machine has a camera through which you can watch the fabrication and condition of the model, a pump tube designed to pump resin during operation, and a sensor mount. There is a special film in the tank for the photopolymer, which can be replaced. This is a simple process. It is possible to use films from other manufacturers. The main thing is that they have to be the right size.

The tub is reinforced and consists of a large number of layers. If an emergency occurs, the printer will not flood the photopolymer. Therefore, there is no fear of careless removal of the product or that the film might burst. It is possible to install the resin tank at a slight angle to make it more convenient to drain the residual polymer into the cartridge.

Installing the cartridges is a fairly simple process. If you notice any changes in the material, it is necessary to treat the resin system with isopropyl alcohol.

IMPORTANT. The cartridge can be filled with absolutely any material from other manufacturers, if you wish. This will not affect the operation of the printer in any way. You may not use cartridges at all, but fill the vat directly. But this option is only suitable for making small models.

There is a liquid level on the build platform. It allows you to level the printer relative to the horizontal plane.

Before you start the printer for the first time, you need to calibrate the platform to the surface of the tub. In the SLASH 2 model this is very easy. All you have to do is loosen the adjustment screws and lower the platform until it makes contact with the film. After that, the screws are screwed back in, and in the program select Reset Z-axis Zero position.

Main features

The main features of the SLASH 2 model that distinguish it from other printers:

  1. Relatively large print area. The user has the ability to make quite large models.
  2. High speed of operation with excellent quality of performance. The device gives good results even in the shortest possible time.
  3. Very easy calibration before start-up. The printer can be used not only by an experienced user, but also by any beginner.
    Convenient operation. The device is easy to operate, as the settings and the system itself are intuitive. It also allows beginners to use the printer.
  4. SLASH 2 can use absolutely any photopolymer resins which are illuminated by 405 nm wavelength. You don’t have to buy only materials from Uniz. Any manufacturer will do.
  5. t is designed in such a way that the possibility of polymer spillage is completely eliminated.
  6. The LCD screen is capable of functioning up to 10,000 hours without replacement. Manufacturers were able to achieve this figure with an improved cooling system.
  7. The printer has the ability to print three-dimensional models without manually adding photopolymer. The level is adjusted automatically thanks to the built-in auto-leveling system.
  8. It is possible to create different parts of one model which will differ from each other by the settings.

Uniz SLASH 2 3D printer
3D printer Uniz SLASH 2
Operating temperature Resin temperature should be 18-28 ° C
Dimensions, mm 350×400×530
Manufacturer country USA
LCD light source
Material Photopolymer resin
Optical system 6000 lux blue LED matrix R / I coordinated liquid cooling
LCD Printing
Supports construction Automatic and manual
X and Y resolution 49.8 µm
Compatible systems iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet
Print accuracy ± 10 microns
Working chamber area 192x120x200 mm
Speed 1000 cm3 / hour, thin walls 200 mm / hour
Layer thickness from 10 microns
Interfaces USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Type of material Photopolymer

The device delivery set includes the following items

  • power supply;
  • manufacturer’s manual;
  • Bath, in which the photopolymer is poured;
  • A special spatula for removing the model;
  • platform;
  • scrapers made of paper.

This is enough to set up and start working on the printer.

Printing quality and examples of products

The accuracy of the device is within 10 microns. This ensures the maximum quality of the printer. In principle, printing with photopolymers is at a higher level compared to conventional printers. And the SLASH 2 model is one of the latest on the market. Examples of models printed on this device can be seen below.

Who is suitable for whom?

Photopolymer 3D printers are actively used in medicine. They are used to create dentures. They are also used to make prosthetic limbs.

In addition, such devices are in demand among engineers. With their help, it is possible to create models of very complex structures. For example, it can be steel floor trusses, tunnels, bridges or buildings.

Also photopolymer printers are used by mechanics. The high accuracy of such devices makes it possible to produce functioning models. After that, metal products are created on their basis.

The SLASH 2 will also be of interest to those who are just into 3D printing. It is quite possible to use it for their domestic needs.

What materials are used?

Uniz SLASH 2 3D printer has a huge selection of materials available: meltable, transparent, rubber-like, burnable, super strong, etc. Uniz develops materials specifically for specific industry solutions. For example, they now have photopolymers designed for dentistry and jewelry.

Setup and First Run:

  1. The first step is to register on the Uniz website and download the slicer app from there.
  2. After that, the device is turned on and linked to an account using a wireless network. A wired connection can also be used.
  3. Now the calibration process begins. To do this, remove the tub, loosen the adjusting screws and manually lower the platform to the LCD screen. The screw shaft is rotated until they touch. Then the Reset Z-axis Zero position button is pressed in the downloaded application.
  4. After calibration, the printer is refilled with photopolymer resin. The bottle is inserted into a special compartment upside down. The needle should pierce the rubber stopper.
  5. Now you need to pierce the bottom of the bottle with an awl so that the printer can easily siphon the liquid out of it.
  6. After that, attach the feed tube and the resin level sensor to the tub.
  7. Press the Fill button in the application to start filling the bottle with material.
  8. To pump the printing material back into the bottle, press Redraw.
  9. Once the tub is filled, you can start printing.

A review of the parameters of the Uniz SLASH 2 printer, the result of its work allows us to draw such conclusions:

The model has a large set of features.
The printer combines high speed and good print quality.
It can be used to make large-scale models.
The machine is easy to set up, so it is suitable even for beginners.
Uniz SLASH 2 printer has a wide range of applications from amateur use to medicine and architecture.
You can use printing material from any manufacturer.

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