QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D Printer Review

QIDI Technology is considered as one of the leaders in the Chinese professional desktop 3D printer market, and for good reason.

Founded in 2012, the company is well-known for its semi-professional and entry-level enclosed FDM printers. QIDI Technology has gained success in balancing low cost and versatility, equipping its products with features that the majority of 3D printers in this price bracket do not offer.

The QIDI Tech X-Plus aims at combining those attributes. Read the following overview to see how it does.

QIDI Tech X-Plus Specs

Let’s look at the most notable features of the QIDI Tech X-Plus separately and in detail.

Two Extruders to Pick From

To begin with, the printer is tailored to semi-professional users. For this, QIDI Tech ships the device with two interchangeable extruders. The standard one is capable of reaching a temperature of 260 °C to print common materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, or TPU.

The second extruder can heat up to 300 degrees and is able to process more delicate materials like Nylon, Carbon fiber, PC. Using two different extruders reduces wear since materials can otherwise be highly abrasive.

Double-Sided Build Plate

If you’ve been around for long enough to recall vinyl, you must be familiar with the notion of A and B sides.

It seems like QIDI Tech decided to use a similar concept, as not only the extruders are intended to process different materials — the printer also features a dual-sided printing bed. One side is meant for flexible and low-temperature materials such as TPU, PLA, PETG, while the other one is designed for high-temperature filaments.

Two Filament Holders

As is the case with the extruders and build plate, the QIDI Tech X-Plus offers two places to mount spool holders, which is associated with the printer’s ability to use different types of materials.

A filament bobbin can be placed inside the build chamber (for filaments like Nylon or PC, a steady temperature is necessary) or on top of the device.

In addition, the X-Plus is able to handle filaments from third-party manufacturers, which makes it suitable not just for enthusiasts but a range of branches.

Full Enclosure

As is the case with its earlier models, QIDI Tech seeks to offer a complete ecosystem. The printer comes fully assembled. All you need to do before starting to print is load the filament and level the print bed.

The purpose of an enclosed chamber is not only to provide the printer with the capability of working with materials like ABS and Nylon — it also keeps harmful fumes inside, protecting the surroundings. Along with the embedded carbon filtering system, the enclosed chamber makes the QIDI Tech X-Plus suitable for use in any workplace.

Another benefit of the enclosure is the reduction of noise. According to QIDI, the operating noise of the X-Plus is only 40 decibels.

Other Attributes of the QIDI Tech X-Plus

Additional features of the X-Plus include:

  • Dual Z-axis design to keep the bed steady even when printing large parts
  • Improved cooling system
  • 5” color touch screen with convenient UI
  • Extremely easy auto bed leveling
  • Proprietary updated slicer based on Cura
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