What could be better than QIDI Tech X-CF Pro

QIDI company has pleased us with a new promising 3D printer. Whether it is true, and what of the promises QIDI Tech X-CF Pro fulfills find out in this article!

New 3D printer from company QIDI promises printing with flexible filaments and a lot of modern features, so it smells like a real professional device. Find out if this is true in this material!

About the company

Devices from the Chinese company QIDI have already been in our reviews several times. In general QIDI keeps a good reputation, they produce mostly FDM printers and all of them are middle class so to say. Not the most expensive, not the cheapest, but almost always their devices are equipped with a lot of modern features.

Appearance, unpacking and equipment

On the surface, the QIDI Tech X-CF Pro (https://top3dshop.com/product/qidi-tech-x-cf-pro-3d-printer) is a traditional QIDI printer. If you are a person familiar with the industry, it is easy to recognize the device from QIDI in the printer, even without looking at the logo. But there is one notable difference from previous models, X-CF Pro is big! So big that you’ll probably need an assistant to unpack the printer.

In terms of packaging, everything is standard, box, packing foam and all.

But back to the exterior. The classic, slightly updated, QIDI design, with a clear print chamber door and a transparent top hood.

As for the package, still no surprises, except for a special container for filaments that are afraid of moisture, a so-called dry box. Everything else is standard.

Technical Specifications

The QIDI Tech X-CF Pro has a large enough print area of 300x250x300 mm to create batches of small parts or large items. The dual Z-axis provides printing stability at high speeds.

Metal extruder with a heating temperature of 350°C provides an accurate and uniform supply of plastic to the printing spot. Sufficiently high extrusion temperature makes it possible to print with different materials, both standard and flexible filaments. Maximum printing speed is 150 mm/s.

The printer has a fully enclosed print chamber, though without heating the chamber itself. However, the work table is equipped with heating up to 120 degrees.

The main frame, the body, the whole kinematics of the device are made and assembled in such a way as to avoid unnecessary vibration and deformation of products when printing.

Dry box – which allows you to protect the material from moisture, is not just a sealed container, but a full-fledged holder for the filament reel. Like a conventional holder, it is attached to the back of the case and has a transparent cover to keep track of the amount of remaining material.

There are two coated magnetic substrates for the desktop.

BLTouch automatic table calibration makes setup as easy as possible, even for beginners. The 20 alignment points allow for absolute accuracy.

The X-CF Pro is also equipped with all the “traditional” features of modern 3D printers, such as the filament sensor, built-in venting and a resume print function.

Control screen

The printer is controlled through a 5-inch touch screen. Simple and easy menu navigation makes it easy to change settings and start the printing process.

Files can be transferred remotely via Wi-Fi.


The 3D printer comes with QidiSlicing’s proprietary slicer. The software has a wide range of tools for preparing 3D models for printing and setting up the printer, as well as advanced options for printing with nylon and carbon filaments. In addition, there is a profile for Simplify on the included flash drive.


Model without post-processing and smooth model after post-processing, ABS LIDER-3D Classic plastic.

Bottom line

QIDI Tech X-CF Pro is a great plug and play device, once you have the printer in your hands, its initial setup should take only 30 minutes, even if you are an absolute beginner in 3D printing, and then – you can safely proceed to the first print.

QIDI slider is convenient, you can also use third-party programs. The control interface is simple and clear, and the functionality allows you to work with many different materials.

Of course QIDI Tech X-CF Pro is not ideal, the extruder could be smaller, the size of the printer itself is not small, and to handle it alone, especially for the first time, will not be very convenient. But in spite of that, QIDI Tech X-CF Pro is a great device that doesn’t cost as much as an airplane wing.

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