3D printer Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0

3D printer Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0 (https://top3dshop.com/product/delta-wasp-3mt-industrial-4-0-3d-printer) is an industrial equipment from the Italian manufacturer, which is used to create large objects and models made of polymers. The size of the printing area is 100 cm in height and 100 cm in diameter, the printing is done inside an enclosed chamber. This is done for the safety of the operating staff. The process of model creation can be monitored with the help of a video camera installed inside the body.

The equipment can be controlled from any computer, phone or tablet with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Android. The package includes two types of extruders, which increases productivity and efficiency, as well as increasing the accuracy of parts production.

Technical characteristics of 3D printer Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0

The equipment is suitable both for small-scale production of models and for use in industry.
The Spitfire Red extruder works with standard 1.75 mm polymer filament. The WASP Pallet uses plastic in pellets and is needed to create large elements.
The device features three-dimensional stabilization, which increases printing accuracy and prevents deformation of parts during fusion.
The body is made of metal, all belts in the kit are not deformable, additionally thermal and acoustic insulation is provided.
Automatic calibration is necessary to reduce the number of errors during operation.

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