Modix Announces New Upgrades

Modix The Israeli printer maker famous for producing large and robust machines at affordable prices, has new features and hardware and has released a couple of short videos to demonstrate the features in action.

Let’s have a look.

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Griffin Print Head

Modix printers are Modix Printers are housed in frames of steel, which makes it a solid and durable platform for those precise linear rails that everything that moves is supported. With all the robustness, you’ll would like a similarly robust print head, don’t you think?

Like the print head/structure that was seen in Modix printers. This one is composed of bent steel sheets that form an entirely rigid enclosure.

Inside the structure is an extruder that was designed in conjunction with Bondtech and a custom hotend designed by Slice Engineering.

The design incorporates the cutting-edge Slice Engineering Bi-Metal heat-break that expands the melting zone within the heat block. Furthermore the updated PT-1000 temperature sensor is able to allow printing at temperatures up 500 degC. According to Modix the possibility of a hot-end cooler made of water is expected to be made in the near future.

Modix has enhanced the user experience using this printer as well particularly in the area of the ability to swap hot high-end components.

The new design of the print-head simplifies nozzle replacement and allows for a rapid swapping of the whole subsystem for melting filament. The solid mounting of the heat block to the steel frame permits an easy replacement of the nozzle and makes it much easier to experiment with different diameters of nozzles.

Smart Z-Offset Calibration

Additionally, some of the problems with setting up are eliminated due to the intelligent Z-offset calibration of the nozzle as well as the BL Touch Probe.

A special sensor permits the BL-Touch as well as the nozzle to get in contact with the surface and, as a result. The precise measurement (the “offset”) will be stored automatically for the printing device. Say goodbye to calipers.
The newly developed Modix Griffin print head doing its calibration in the video below.



The Griffin primary extruder pack comprises:

  • – Griffin Hotend
  • – The temperature sensor PT-1000
  • 50W heater
  • – Silicon Sock
  • – Bondtech customized BMG extruder
  • Metal mounting brackets
  • Blower fan, duct and brackets
  • Z Offset calibrator probe

This Griffin Print head is compatible with V3 printers owned by owners and users that upgraded their V2 printers to V3 using both Duet and mechanical upgrades. Other hotends can be used in the printhead using the appropriate adapters.

If you’d like to know further about their Modix FFF Printers and discover more about how to start printing large-sized parts for a cost that doesn’t make your eye go numb, then go to their website by clicking this URL.

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