Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer

Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer from Anisoprint. The Composer A3 is a unique model which allows printing from high-strength composite materials. The Composer A3 is capable of creating models from materials with reinforcing fibers, which in terms of strength will be similar to aircraft aluminum. Anisoprint has developed its own technology and equipment for 3D printing from composite materials. The development makes it possible to replace metals with composites where it wasn’t possible before and is in demand in the automotive, aerospace, robotics and other industries.


Printing Quality:

The Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer uses simple but reliable FDM technology to print. The device allows you to use a wide range of materials and make products of complex shape.

As already mentioned 3D printer Anisoprint Composer A3 uses a fairly large range of materials, and can qualitatively make a print with a layer thickness of 100 microns.
The big advantage of Composer A3 is that it has two extruders installed at the same time, which allows you to feed plastic and carbon fiber simultaneously. Thanks to such combinations, finished products are obtained with a wide variety of properties.

This Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer has two extruders that heat up to 250 degrees. The table heats from 20 to 120 degrees allows you to print with materials such as PETG, Carbon Fiber, PLA, ABS, NYLON, PC and more.

Consumables Availability:
A big advantage is the fact that the Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer uses open spools. Thanks to this you are not tied to one manufacturer, as many companies produce consumables in special cartridges, which are much more expensive. Thread with a diameter of 1.75 mm is ideal because there are a lot of manufacturers of this diameter and the color palette has a huge range.

Print Area:

The printing area of the Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer is 420 x 297 mm, which is enough for most applications. In case you need to print a larger model, you can print two models and glue them together.

The Anisoprint Composer A3 3D printer has Anisoprint Aura (FFF+CFC), Cura, Slic3r (FFF only) software. It also has

SD card slot and USB port.

This equipment is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Has a modern appearance and will fit perfectly into any interior.

Thanks to its small size of 600 x 400 x 375 mm, as well as the small weight of only 25 kg, this 3D printer is well positioned in a confined space, for example a small office or room.

3D printer Anisoprint Composer A3
2 reels of ABS and PLA consumables
Tool kit
Power cable
USB cable
SD memory card
Packing box
Warranty card

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