AstroPrint is Acquired by BCN3D

Barcelona-based additive systems manufacturer BCN3D has bought AstroPrint, developer of the 3D printer managing cloud platform of the same name. (It’s worth noting that manufacturer Raise3D has had a cloud-based system in place for some time. Read more here.)

The parties reached an agreement in April 2021 and completed the deal in July. The acquisition of a well-known software developer will help BCN3D develop its own cloud platform, with an experienced team ready to handle both technical support and development of new software products.

Founded in 2013 and based in San Diego, AstroPrint is known as the developer of one of the most popular cloud-based platforms for remote 3D printer management. The platform serves over two hundred thousand users in 130 countries, 60% of which are based in the United States. On average, the platform works in conjunction with approximately two thousand 3D printers simultaneously.

AstroPrint users won’t see any dramatic changes: BCN3D wants to keep everything as it is, but support platform development and integrate proven solutions into their own cloud-based software, the BCN3D Cloud. AstroPrint co-founder Daniel Arroyo, who has been promoted to chief programmer at BCN3D, will coordinate the efforts of the two teams.

“We are certain that this acquisition of a company with such expertise in this field will serve to boost our BCN3D printing profile to its full potential, and that the merging of our teams will undoubtedly entail countless benefits.” commented Daniel Arroyo.

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