Craftbot Flow is the smallest 3D printer

Craftbot Flow is the smallest 3D printer ( that plugs and plays from the Craftbot Flow series and is appropriate for both novices and professionals.

Due to its vast printing space and its many advanced functions, the small 3D printer is perfect for use every day for prototyping, engineering as well as for personal usage.


  • Large print volume

The 3D printers from the Flow family are impressive by having a higher print capacity than the standard brand. This printer, the Craftbot The Flow printer is among the most compact in addition to that makes the Flow IDEX XL the largest 3D printer from the series.

Printing volume of The Craftbot The flow is 300×200 250 millimeters

  • The heated printing surface of glass that can reach 110 degrees C for a strong bond and simple removal

A heated printing bed comprised of hardened glass, metal and Kapton ensures the highest adhesion to the bed during printing The upper, flexible printing plate guarantees that the final print can be removed easily.

  • Mesh bed leveling – Simple calibration procedure

The semi-automatic, user-friendly levelling system makes it simple to start and ensure that the right setting of calibration improves the accuracy of printing.

In addition to the automated XY calibration in addition, the IDEX printers from the generation Flow also feature an electronic Z semi-automatic calibration.


  • Frame of reinforced steel

The 3D printers of the Flow series have double-walled frames that are reinforced with extruded aluminum and are extremely robust. The strong frame dampens vibrations, and also protects the delicate components during transportation.

  • Sensor for filtering to ensure smooth operation

With the brand new filament sensor, the chances of failure caused by filament faults are reduced. The electronic and mechanical parts of the system of monitoring integrated are integrated into the extruder , which helps ensure a consistent feed of filament.

  • All-metal hotends

The flow generator is fitted with hotends made of metal which can print at up to 300 deg C with outstanding quality. Through the direct drive extruder special filaments are also printed without issue.

A smaller number of parts and connections reduce the likelihood of jams and are easier to remove.


  • Pr3dator motherboards for the fastest speed

A 32-bit motherboard offers better control. The powerful mainboard comes with top-of-the-line motors, sophisticated functions and a fantastic interface. It’s also an energy-saving solution.

  • Raspberry PI

A brand-new Rasberry microcomputer, PI, is built into the interface for touchscreens. It lets you use more flexibility in applications, and provides high-speed response times, as well as the stability of the Linux operating system that has an ultra-modern design.

  • 5 inches touchscreen in colour

The printer is simple to use using a 5-inch color touchscreen, which is easy for users to operate.

  • LED status display

A status LED ensures that you are always aware of the status of your printing as well as under your control. The various modes (printing at pause, pausing heating, error, and printing completed) are clearly displayed. The individual colours can be set to display each of the modes.

  • IoT internet interface

Each printer comes with an individual interface that includes an easy control option which is connected to the PC through an secure Internet connection. A built-in camera helps in the process of working.

The access that is platform independent as well as the programmable API and the fine-tuning of Craftware software, and compatibility even with printer farms allow for a totally customized application, and the possibility of controlling the entire process.

  • Internal storage of 4GB

A separate device is not necessary to transfer G-codes.
Content can be directly accessed through using the IoT interface. The STL file is then transformed into G-code with Craftware or any other slicer software , and then transferred to the printer using the web interface, without flash drives.

The printing process is easily started and managed via remote.

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