CraftBot Flow XL

The Craftbot Flow XL is the most powerful single-extruder 3D printer in the Craftbot Flow series, suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

This powerful 3D printer offers many possibilities with its large print area and many advanced features for everyday use in engineering, prototyping, design and private use.

  • Large print volume
  • Mesh alignment
  • Filament sensor
  • All-metal hotend


  • High print volume

3D printers in the Flow family are convincing with a higher print volume than the brand average. Craftbot Flow – the smallest, and Flow IDEX XL – the largest 3D printer in the series.

Craftbot Flow XL print volume: 300 x 200 x 500 mm

Glass printing plate heated to 110° C – for strong adhesion and easy removal
A heated printing platform made of metal, tempered glass and kapton guarantees the best adhesion of the printing platform during the printing process, and a top flexible printing plate ensures that the finished print can be easily removed.

Aligning the mesh layer – a simplified calibration process
A convenient semi-automatic alignment system makes it easy to get started, and the correct calibration settings improve print accuracy.

In addition to automatic XY calibration, IDEX generation Flow printers also have semi-automatic electronic Z-axis calibration.

Reinforced steel frame
The Flow range of 3D printers has a double walled, extruded aluminum frame for extra stability and reduces vibration and protects sensitive parts during transport.

Glow sensor for smooth operation
Thanks to the new glow sensor, failures due to glow errors are minimized.The mechanical and electronic parts of the integrated control system are integrated in the extruder and thereby guarantee an even filament supply.

All-metal hotands
The flow generator is equipped with metal panels which allow printing at temperatures up to 300°C with exceptional quality.The extruder with direct drive also allows problem-free processing of special fibers.

Fewer parts and connection points make jams less likely and easy to clean.


Pr3dator motherboard for maximum speed
A 32-bit motherboard provides more precise control.This fast motherboard features industry-leading motors, advanced features, and a great interface.It’s also an energy-efficient solution.

Raspberry Pi.
The all-new Raspberry PI microcomputer is integrated into the touch screen interface.It provides more flexible applications, ultra-fast response time, and a stable Linux operating system in a modern high-tech design.

5-inch color touch screen
The printer is easy to operate with a user-friendly 5-inch color touch screen.

LED status indicator
Various print modes (print, pause, warm-up, error and end of print) are visible and easily monitored via an LED status light.

IoT Web Interface
Each printer has its own interface with a simple management option that connects to a PC via a secure Internet connection.In addition, a built-in camera facilitates workflows.

Platform-independent access, programmable APIs, fine-tuning Craftware software and compatibility even with the printer farm offer a fully personalized application and the ability to manage the entire process.

4GB internal memory.
No external device is required to download G-codes.
Content can be accessed directly through the IoT interface.Thus, the STL file can be converted to G-code using Craftware or other slicer software and transferred to the printer via the web interface without the use of a flash drive.

The printing process can be conveniently started and controlled remotely.

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