Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D printer

The Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D printer ( is an advanced device with a fully enclosed enclosure, automatic platform leveling, and a number of other useful features. Its main difference from the basic model is the brand new extruder, which can heat up to 300 degrees. This makes the CR-5 Pro H a great option for structural materials in manufacturing, design, architecture, and many other fields.

The printer has a fully enclosed print chamber with a clear door and frosted side panels. This design provides high quality thermal management while allowing you to observe the printing process at the same time. The frame is all-metal and has the necessary rigidity to prevent vibration and swaying of the structure when the carriage moves. The build area is quite large – 300×225×380 mm, and is also equipped with LED illumination.

The Bowden extruder is the main advantage of this model. If the basic version heated up to 260 degrees, here we have the maximum temperature already 300 degrees. This significantly expands the list of materials with which the printer is able to work. The extruder is equipped with a powerful fan, which provides high-quality blowing model and prevents overheating, due to which the extrusion remains as smooth as possible. The printer also has an end-of-filament sensor.

Alignment of the printing plate is automatic. The BL-Touch auto-calibration sensor is responsible for this. The calibration system received increased gears.

To improve the printing quality the developers from Creality applied their favorite technology – carbon glass with accelerated heating up to 110 degrees. It ensures reliable adhesion when the temperature rises, and after printing, when the platform cools down, the finished product can be easily separated from the surface.

The Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D printer has a Creality-developed silent motherboard on board. This makes the printer exceptionally quiet, allowing it to be used not only in production environments, but also in the office or at home. The board has full support for auto-restart printing, which continues to work after a sudden thread break or power failure.

A handy 4.3-inch touchscreen display is provided to set printing parameters and track print progress. You can also use Wi-Fi via Creality Box and use a special app on your smartphone or tablet to set all parameters, use the mobile slicer and monitor printing online. Data can also be transferred via USB.

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