Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D Printer

3D printer Creality CR-5 Pro H ( – device for printing three-dimensional products. It belongs to the industrial class. It is produced by the Chinese company Creality.


  • Compact metal housing;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • 4.3 inch touch screen;
  • Silent motherboard;
  • Bowden extruder;
  • Closed working chamber;
  • Powerful cooling system.

The printer has a nice neat design and has a compact metal housing with a sturdy design. The built-in motherboard has an ATmega2560 chip and provides efficient operation in a silent key. The printer is equipped with an innovative Bowden extruder, which opens up new printing possibilities. The maximum working temperature of the nozzle is 300 degrees, which is significantly higher compared to previous models. A powerful cooling system with a heat sink is used to cool and maintain the required temperature. The extrusion process runs smoothly and with high quality.
3D printer is suitable for industrial use in enterprises, laboratories, design studios, etc.

Examples of products:

Video review:

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