CreatBot D600 Desktop 3D Printer

If you are looking for a 3D printer, the Creatbot D600 might be just the machine for you. The CreatBot D600 has a dual hot end that supports ABS, PLA, PC, carbon fiber, nylon, and more. The Dual Hot End allows you to print with up to 200MM/S while still maintaining 0.5mm accuracy on even the largest prints. The Dual Hot End is also equipped with an automatic safety feature that shuts off the printer automatically if it detects the wrong material.

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If you’re looking for a desktop 3D printer that’s able to process large objects and parts, the CreatBot D600 is a good choice. The D600’s large building space can create parts with dimensions of 600mmx600mmx600mm. It has a chamber that blocks outside interference, minimizes noise, and maintains a consistent temperature to make the print quality as good as possible.


A professional 3d printer manufacturer, CreatBot, has released a new model called the D600. With a 600 x 600 mm build area, it’s perfect for advanced filaments and thermoplasts. The CreatBot D600 also has a dual extruder that allows for industrial 3D prints and can print two different kinds of filament. Moreover, it also features a full-close loop servo motor and HEP air filter.


The CreatBot D600 is a three-axis 3D printer with an expansive bed size and a white or blue configuration. It is available at $11499 or $12999 and has a weight of 276 pounds (125 kg). The price is reasonable, especially when you consider its high-quality filament and features. Its price is comparable to that of other 3D printers with a similar bed size and functionalities.

Open material system

The Creatbot D600 is a 3D printer with two replaceable extruders. The left one can print with standard filaments such as PLA, while the right one is capable of processing high-performance thermoplastics like ABS. Both the D600 Pro feature an open material system that accepts a variety of 1.75mm filaments. The printers come with the same build area, so you can use either one to produce your custom objects.

Water-cooling system

The CreatBot D600 is a 3-D printer with a large build volume and two replaceable hotends. The left hotend reaches 260degC and prints standard filaments, while the right hotend has a 420degC max operating temperature and processes high-performance thermoplastics. Both the D600 Pro feature an open material system, which means they can both print with any 1.75mm filament. The D600 Pro share the same build area and are compatible with different hotends.


The CreatBot D600 is a high-end industrial 3D printer. Its printing space is 30 times larger than other printers, and its built-in chamber helps reduce noise and provides a consistent temperature. It also processes parts up to 600mmx600mmx600mm. This speed and large build area make it an excellent choice for industrial users. Its programmable settings allow you to choose the type of filament that you need for the project.


The CreatBot D600 precision 3D printer is an impressive manufacturing machine. The printer is capable of printing PC, thermoplast, and flexible materials like TPU and PVA. The manufacturer of the machine has an exclusive patent that enables it to print complex parts with extreme precision – up to 0.05 mm. It is also equipped with dual extruders and an emergency switch. Its printers come with full-close loop servo motors for optimal performance.

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