CreatBot F1000 is a 3D printer for industrial large-scale printing

CreatBot F1000 is a 3D printer for industrial large-scale printing with a 1000x1000x1000 mm chamber. The printer is equipped with an intelligent dual extruder, a closed heating chamber, and an automatic alignment system. Camera control technology allows you to control the printing process using the application. Thanks to the fast heating platform and hot chamber, this model gives excellent results with high quality materials. The one-piece steel housing of the printer provides printing stability and greatly increases the service life.

The fully enclosed filament chamber and dryer blocks all external influences, reduces noise and provides a constant temperature to prevent product deformation.

Smart dual extruder system with up to 420℃ heating temperature and height adjustable nozzle.

High precision up to 0.1mm and speed up to 200mm/s can support high speed printing.

Precise linear rail allows you to print models with high accuracy and allows you to print large models quickly and error-free.

The printer automatically remembers the current position and saves print data in the event of a power failure or missing thread.

The camera control app allows you to remotely control the printing process: speed, pause, temperature, etc. This feature is especially useful when large models need to be made or printing takes a long time.

The Auto Alignment Pro platform uses a 25-point BL-Touch sensor to keep the platform flat to begin with. A smart Z-axis compensation table achieves fully automatic alignment during the printing process.

Examples of products:

Material: PLA+
Weight: 35kg (7x5kg/roll)
Nozzle: 1.2mm
Size: 990x980x950mm
Filling: 5%
Layer height: 0,5mm
Time: 250 hours
3D Creatbut printer


Material: PLA +
Weight: 15Kg
Nozzle: 1.2mm
Size: 1800x550x300mm
Filling: 5%
Layer height: 0.5 mm
Time: 150 hours

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