CreatBot F160

The CreatBot F160 3D printer ( is the most compact in the Creatbot line, but it is no less functional as a desktop FDM/FFF printer. Its rugged design, precision mechanics, and 420℃ maximum temperature extruder allow this printer to handle the most demanding industrial applications. It is perfect for both prototyping and production in a variety of industries.

The direct extruder of this printer in the PEEK version is all-metal with a maximum hotend temperature of 420 ℃. The proprietary extrusion system and special guides allow printing at an average speed of 120 mm/s and an accuracy of 0.04 mm, while maintaining an even flow of plastic. Thanks to these features, there is no limit to your choice of printing materials. The printer can use ABS, PLA, carbon fiber, decorative plastics, Nylon, PC, PTEG, TPU, PVA, as well as ULTEM, PEEK and other refractory engineering materials as consumables.

Like the other models in the line, the CreatBot F160-PEEK has an all-metal enclosed body. Along with cast aluminum moving structures, this ensures high printing stability and no parasitic vibrations under load. The reliability of this model is also impressive. Suffice it to say that the first batch of CreatBot 3D printers was used without failure for 5 years, that is more than 8000 hours of active work.

The printing area with the dimensions 160x160x200 mm is not just a closed area, but a thermal chamber, in which the temperature is maintained stable up to 70 ℃. The printing platform is heated. It is made of aluminum alloy that can withstand temperatures up to 150 ℃, heats up quickly, and has a BuildTak adhesion coating.

The functionality of this model is quite in line with the level of industrial equipment. In case of power failure, the printer remembers where it stopped and resumes printing. The same happens if the filament runs out: the printer resumes printing from the same place after installing a new spool. Thanks to the powerful ATmega 2560 chip together with the high-precision mechanics, it was possible to level out printing delays after the printer starts up, eliminate skipping steps and layer shift when printing.

The simple and user-friendly 4.3-inch touch screen makes it easy to control all printing parameters. If you need to connect to a computer, you can use the USB port. To prepare models for printing, you can use the included proprietary software CreatWare, or any of the popular slicers: Simplify 3D, Cura, Slice 3r, etc.

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