CreatBot PEEK-300 is a new industrial 3D printer

The CreatBot PEEK-300 ( is a new industrial 3D printer with revolutionary direct annealing technology (DAS) developed and patented by CreatBot. The PEEK-300 offers reliable, high-performance 3D printing. The PEEK-300’s extremely high nozzle temperature, constant temperature chamber, water cooling system, and thermoset control define the PEEK-300’s leading position in the world.

The PEEK-300 is compatible with materials such as:

  • Engineering plastics: PLA, PC, ABS, PA6, PETG, PVDF, POM-C, PP, TPU
  • High temperature materials: PPSU, PEI (ULTEM), PA12, PSU, PPS, PA-CF
  • Special materials: medical PEEK, PEEK, PEKK, CF-PEEK (carbon fiber), GF-PEEK (glass fiber), etc.

CreatBot PEEK-300 will provide maximum efficiency in scientific research, medicine, military and advanced production. On the international level CreatBot 3D printers are chosen by the industry leaders, such as Volkswagen Group, NASA, Airbus, Bosch, Oxford University, Johns Hopkins University Medical School, Chinese University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The main advantages of the CreatBot PEEK-300 3D printer:

Dual extruder with nozzle heating temperatures up to 500 °C

The world’s first direct annealing system (DAS) is an innovative technology used for 3D printing with high-performance materials. The annealing process is instantly controlled during printing. Direct annealing temperature up to 400 °C3d

Printing platform with heating up to 200 °C

Hot chamber with a constant temperature up to 120 °C
Triple thermal insulation – consisting of a double insulated chamber, advanced insulation materials and vacuum double boards. It is a guarantee of performance and safety.
Cooling system consisting of liquid cooling and air pump.

Print resolution up to 0.04 mm for all materials.
Additional features:

  • Print recovery function after a power failure
  • Thread detection sensor, will automatically pause printing if thread runs out
  • Support for emergency stop
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