FlashForge Guider II 3D printer

FlashForge Guider II is a professional FDM volume printer (https://top3dshop.com/product/flashforge-guider-2-3d-printer).


With an all-metal frame design and body side panels made of high-strength ABS polymer, the Guider II offers not only stability, stable printing performance, but also light weight and durability.

Compared to the first generation, the Guider II allows for more filament types thanks to an improved working chamber and heated build platform. Improved closed chamber design has made it possible to keep the temperature in the chamber more stable.
A resume printing function has been included after a power failure since shutdown to provide more reliable, productive operation and eliminate repeated print settings.

The 5-inch multi-language touch screen makes the printer clearer and easier to operate and allows for better control of the workflow.

Extruder unit is equipped with an innovative air delivery system to improve the quality of the surfaces of the final product.
The model is ideal for the architectural and construction sector, scientific research, industry and education.

Materials used:
Thanks to its technical and structural equipment, the printer’s operation is compatible with most filaments on the 3D printing market: ABS, PLA, PVA and many others.


The management of the construction process is guided by the convenient and functional software FlashPrint. The main focus of the presented software is to provide the user with adjustment algorithms, which make it possible to adjust dozens of parameters to provide greater printing flexibility.

Examples of products:

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