Intamsys Funmat Pro 610 HT: Large-Format FDM 3D Printer for Refractory Polymers

Intamsys offers an industrial-grade Funmat Pro 610 HT 3D printer optimized for 3D printing refractory structural thermoplastics such as PEI, PEEK, PEKK and PPSU.

With a build area of 610 x 508 x 508 mm, the Funmat Pro 610 HT 3D printer can print large parts or many small parts for small-scale production. Because large-format 3D printing requires significant speed and positioning accuracy, the Funmat Pro 610 HT features servo-driven kinematics while improving productivity, axial rigidity, and accuracy.

With a high-temperature hot-end that heats up to 500°C, the Funmat Pro 610 HT 3D printer is capable of working with virtually all refractory plastics on the market. A thermostatic chamber with a maximum background temperature of 300°C solves the problem of warping due to heat shrinkage and ensures consistent quality of printed products.

The 3D printing technologies of today enable making lighter and stronger end products, thereby expanding the horizons of industrial applications. It’s especially useful for the aerospace and automotive industries. For example, in the aerospace sector, 3D printed products made from Ultem 9085 polyetherimide serve as a strong and lightweight alternative to parts normally obtained by machining.

Intamsys specializes in industrial additive solutions with the possibility of using materials from third-party manufacturers. Because 3D printing with structural thermoplastics requires extremely low humidity, the Funmat Pro 610 HT 3D printer is equipped with heated compartments for storage and simultaneous filament drying.

The dual-extruder design enables 3D printing of complex structures. Features such as automatic cleaning, filament tracking, and automatic calibration are included for ease of use. The modular design of the hot-ends allows for quick replacement and easy maintenance. Locks and programmable safety controllers that comply with level D of the 2006/42/EC machinery and equipment safety directive are provided for operator protection.



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