Massivit 5000

Create large parts, prototypes and molds in hours.

Purpose: Industrial
Manufacturer: Massivit 3D
Building area: 145 cm x 111 cm x 180 cm or 57 in x 44 in x 70 in
Print Material: Dimengel 110, Dimengel 100 and Dimengel 90
Print Technology: Gel Dispensing Printing
The Massivit 5000 is designed to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.

Offers a number of advanced features that increase workflow efficiency:

  • 5 print modes that optimize speed and size;
  • 3 materials, including HD printing mode at 0.5mm layer thickness;
  • Dual Material System;
  • Production of full-scale parts, prototypes and molds in; hours, not days;
  • Automatic file preparation in Massivit SMART Pro, including auto-orientation;
  • Easy monitoring with 3 internal cameras and display;

The Massivit 5000 overcomes the well-known 3D printing challenges of print speed and build area size. The equipment has advanced features, such as a system that allows printing with different materials on each printhead simultaneously and sophisticated process monitoring software combined with automatic nozzle contamination detection during printing. The new DIM 110 material provides high-resolution printing.

Additional information:

Model – Massivit 5000

Country – Israel

No. of printheads – 2

Printing speed – 300 mm/sec (35 cm/h, 13.7 in/h) Z-axis line speed (when printing a cylindrical part with a diameter of 1 meter).

Print quality

fast (layer thickness 1.5 mm) – doubles the speed for large, rugged models
normal (layer thickness 1.3 mm)
fine quality (1mm layer thickness)
fine resolution (layer thickness 0,8 mm)
high resolution (0.5mm layer thickness) – very smooth, fine details
Supported materials – Dimengel 110, Dimengel 100 and Dimengel 90

Integrated software – Massivit SMART Pro Slicer

Sophisticated algorithms for easy file preparation. Includes evaluation tool as well as additional functions and modes such as pattern mode, variable model thickness and mega quality (HD).

Additional automation features for more efficient workflow.

Camera on the printhead for monitoring. Optional 40″ flat screen displays live feed from 3 internal cameras, as well as the ability to record for marketing purposes.

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