Modix Big 120Z V3 Review

The Modix 120Z V3 is the newest version of the company’s modular 3D printer. With improved components and an easier assembly process, this device is the most affordable way to print large objects. Unfortunately, this machine cannot be returned and must be shipped via freight. However, the benefits outweigh the downsides. Here’s a look at its features. To learn more about this 3D printer, read on!

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Modix’s latest system integrates smart features

Modix has announced the availability of the latest firmware for its 3D printers. Known as RepRap Firmware Version 3, the latest firmware offers smart capabilities. Its conditional G-code macro functionality and real-time monitoring engine improve printer reliability. Modix printers can react dynamically to various situations during calibration and printing scenarios. With this new software, users can make the most of the system with more advanced capabilities.

The Big-60 V3 3D printer, Modix’s flagship system, costs $4,100. It’s priced in the middle of expensive manufacturers and subpar kits. It can be assembled in 16 to 30 hours. Another model, the Big-60x, is larger and includes high-quality components. Its X axis build volume is 1200mm. It’s also popular with the aerospace and automotive industries.

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