Modix Big 180X 3D printer

The Modix Big 180X 3D printer is a device for printing large volume products by layer-by-layer deposition.


  • Precision;
  • Prefabricated construction;
  • Rigid body made of aluminum composite panels (ACP);
  • Interchangeable mechanisms;
  • State-of-the-art components;
  • Double direct-drive extrusion drive;
  • Duet3D Controller;
  • Triaminic TMC2660 Motor Driver;
  • E3D Aero extruder with powerful heat sink;
  • Printing with soluble filament support;
  • HIWIN MGW guides;
  • End of Filament Sensor;
  • 80 Video User’s Manual;
  • Alcoa Mic6 Plate;
  • Interchangeable components;
  • WIFI;
  • 7 inch touch screen display;
  • Compatible with Cura software, Simplify3D, etc.

The printer is shipped unassembled. The enclosure consists of rigid black aluminum composite panels (ACP). The build chamber has large dimensions of 1800x610x610 mm. Double extruder with a powerful built-in cooling system allows to print products with soluble support system. Modern 32-bit Duet3D controller, provides connection of the printer via WIFI, has advanced drivers and other advantages. All built-in printer components are interchangeable with those of Modix Big printers. The device works with Slic3r, Cura or Simplify3D software.

The printer is suitable for printing furniture, sculptures, large bodies, mannequins, design projects, advertising compositions, etc.

Examples of products:

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