Modix Big 40 3D printer

The Modix Big 40 3D printer is a professional device for printing large volume products made of plastic.


  • Rigid aluminum composite panel (ACP) housing;
  • State-of-the-art electronic components;
  • Triaminic TMC2660 Motor Driver;
  • HIWIN MGW guide rails;
  • E3D Aero extruder with additional cooling;
  • Duet3D controller (32 digits);
  • 7-inch touch screen;
  • WIFI;
  • Compatible with Slic3r, Cura or Simplify3D software, etc;
  • intuitive controls.

The Modix Big 40 is a series of 3D printers with a very large working chamber. For printing, the technology of layer-by-layer deposition FFF is used. The printer is equipped with a double extruder, which has additional cooling and is capable of printing parts with a soluble support system. Modern electronic components ensure stable operation and high quality. The built-in Triaminic TMC2660 Motor Driver is digitally controlled and super quiet. The 32-bit Duet3D controller provides communication with the printer via WiFi, and enables other advanced features.

All Modix 3D printers are interchangeable components. The device is shipped unassembled. Instructions are included and include 80 videos.

The printer works with Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D and other software. It can be used in design, engineering, large product printing.

Examples of products:

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