Modix Big Meter and BIG-60 3D Printers

The Modix BIG-Meter 3D printer offers an extra-large build volume with a 40x40x40-inch (1,010×1,010mm) build area. This means you can print large parts or multiple, middle-sized models. The build volume is adjustable and can be controlled with a PC, smartphone, or 7” LCD display. It supports 3D models in most popular formats, including Simplify3D, Cura, and Printerface.

Modix BIG-Meter

The Modix BIG-Meter ( is an industrial 3D printer designed for the professional market. With a build volume of 1,000 x 1000 x 1010mm and 100 probing points for automatic bed leveling, this printer can print large, complex parts. Its integrated casters and fitted enclosure make it a great option for large-scale production. The printer can be upgraded to incorporate a secondary print head. Its PEI print surface provides ultimate layer adhesion and easy print removal.

The Modix Big Meter features a 7-inch LCD touchscreen for easy calibration. The printer has WI-FI, USB, and SD card connectivity, allowing it to be operated using a PC or smartphone. It is compatible with many of the most popular slicers on the market, allowing you to print in virtually any format. The Modix Big Meter is an excellent industrial 3D printer that can be purchased for a great price at Top3DShop.

Modix Tango

The Modix Big Meter  Tango 3D Printer is the world’s first dual robot desktop 3D printer. It integrates two independent 3D printers that can print both identical and non-identical objects simultaneously. Its innovative design also allows you to operate it as a stand-alone 3D printer. Current filament extrusion 3D printers have a low print resolution and are limited by the printer’s high speed. To combat this problem, existing solutions often reduce print resolution and speed, resulting in lower accuracy and rigidity.

The Modix BIG-Meter is a professional-grade large-format 3D printer with a build volume of 1.010 x 1.010 mm. It features dual silicone heaters, 100-point automatic bed leveling, PEI print surface for improved adhesion, and high-quality frame construction of T-slot aluminum profiles. In our tests, we printed a 3-D object, which took 67 hours to complete.

Modix BIG-180X

The Modix BIG-180X is a large-volume 3D printer with a print volume of 1800 x 1000 mm. It is targeted at the automotive industry. The body of the printer is built specifically for large automotive parts. Its price tag is about $10,000, which is a bit on the high side, but it will be more than enough for most needs. The BIG-180X also supports multiple filament types, including PLA and ABS.

The Modix BIG-180X 3D printer is the largest in its line. It is recommended for industrial use, including batch production, product development, sculpting, and filmmaking. The printer is equipped with dual print heads for precision printing. The printer’s automatic bed leveling system features upgraded Z rails, an enclosure unit, and casters. You can easily control the machine with the 7-inch LCD display.

Modix BIG-60

The Modix BIG-60 is a large-scale 3D printer kit that is affordable and easy to assemble. The first Modix printer, now in its third generation, was designed for self-assembly. It comes with everything you need to assemble it, including optional parts and accessories. If you are a newbie to 3D printing, the Modix BIG-60 can be an excellent choice. Its modular design, T-slot aluminum profiles, and sturdy motion system provide an easy and reliable build. The Modix BIG-60 V3 is built with the future in mind. It’s ready for ongoing upgrades.

The Big-60 V3 is a step up from the original Big-60. It offers improved print quality and ease of assembly, as well as the ability to upgrade firmware and software. It comes with a milled cast aluminum heat bed with PEI surface, dual heating zones, and an auto bed leveling system. It also has a new Aero extruder, replacing the Titan’s older design. It is also backward compatible with older BIG-60 versions, so you can upgrade without fear of losing quality or compatibility.

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