Phrozen Sonic XL 4K 2022 – 3D printer for dentistry with a large build area and improved display

With a large build area and a new type of monochrome display, the Phrozen Sonic XL 4K 2022 professional 3D printer ( is great for printing high precision models in dentistry. The rugged LCD display is longer-lasting and pressure-resistant during operation. Distinctive features of this model are its high printing speed and layer illumination.

The updated version of the Sonic XL 4K 2022 printer features:

  • An air cleaner filter to remove resin fumes
  • Adjustable light intensity for more efficient printing
  • Built-in heated chamber module for easier handling of thick resins
  • Resume printing after an unplanned power outage
  • New tray shape with a convenient resin drainage channel
  • Side hinges for smooth closing of the door and thus a longer service life of the printer
  • New Phrozen Dental Synergy slicer
  • New packaging that provides reliable protection for the printer during transportation



Precision and speed. The monochrome 4K matrix and ParaLED illumination system provides high precision and speed of polymerization, reaching as little as 0.2 second of illumination and a maximum printing speed of 90 mm/hr.
Adjustable light intensity. The printer comes with the more powerful ParaLED 3.0 LV lamp, which allows you to increase printing efficiency by adjusting the light intensity to suit your needs.
Optional heater. You can choose the temperature inside the printing chamber (30°C or 35°C) to create high-precision models regardless of the room temperature and to make working with thick resins easier.
Air purifier to remove resin vapor. Thanks to the activated charcoal air filter, the resin odor during 3D printing is significantly reduced, which will provide a more pleasant experience with the printer.
High reliability. The Sonic XL 4K 2022 printer’s rugged metal housing and rugged mechanical parts are designed to remain accurate over the long term.
Open Material System. The printer is compatible with all LCD polymers, DLP resins and biocompatible materials.
Easy operation. Setting up the platform, filling the tray and loading the file to print takes only 5 minutes. Thanks to the touch screen display and intuitive interface you can comfortably and efficiently manage all work processes.
New software. The Phrozen Dental Synergy slider allows you to make print settings directly from the printer’s menu


Weight: 17.2 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H): 290 x 330 x 470 mm;
UV wavelength: 405 nm;
LCD resolution: 8.9 inches, 4K;
Print technology: DLP/LCD/SLA
Layer illumination time: from 0.2 sec/layer;
Type of material : Photopolymers;
Build area size : 200mm x 125mm x 200mm;
XY axis positioning accuracy: 50 microns;
Z-axis positioning accuracy : 10 microns;
Layer thickness: 0.01-0.3 mm;
Light source: ParaLED Matrix 3.0;
Print speed: 90 mm/hr;
Display: 5 inch, touch screen;
Connection interface: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi;
Software: Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer;
Supported file formats: .PHZ, .ZIP;
Power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

Supplied with

Sonic XL 4K 2022 3D printer
Power cord
Plastic spatula
Metal spatula
Plastic funnel
Allen wrench
USB memory stick
Wi-Fi adapter

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