Sinterit 3D printers

SINTERIT is a Polish startup based in Krakow. Its main specialization is the development of SLS 3D printers and their consumables. The company was founded in 2014, and since then it has been trying to make perfect and affordable 3D printers using selective laser sintering technology available to most people.

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The manufacturer believes that SLS technology opens up unimaginable horizons, because with its help it is possible to print models that simply cannot be created with the most popular and affordable 3D printers working on FDM technology.

In developing the equipment manufacturer strives to make the use of devices as simple, convenient, accessible and versatile as possible. According to the opinion of the developer, 3D technology must revolutionize production and life, that’s why he makes every effort to create equipment which would cover all the needs, and would be as affordable as possible.

The most popular SINTERIT products are the SINTERIT Lisa and Lisa Pro 3D printers, which are sold all over the world. In comparison with similar products this equipment is notable for its affordable price. In addition the desktop SINTERIT Lisa SLS printer is capable of printing with the quality of a large and expensive professional models.

Thus, we can say that the manufacturer is moving confidently towards the goal – to make SLS-printing accessible to the masses.

Sinterit Studio software is specifically designed to work with the Lisa and Lisa Pro 3D printers. It will take you step by step through the whole printing process, making it as simple and convenient as possible, and allows you to monitor not only the status of printing, but also the status of the device.

In addition to 3D printers, the company manufactures and supplies a wide range of materials for SLS-printing. These are powders that allow to solve the most diverse tasks and can be used in any industrial sector.

SINTERIT currently employs 50 people. It is a professional team of people who are passionate about the same idea, motivating and supporting each other.

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