Sinterit Lisa 3D Printer Set

Sinterit Lisa Set – a set for 3D printing, which represents all the necessary devices, accessories and materials. In a word, everything you need for the full-fledged production of 3D objects by technology SLS.

The kit includes 3D printer Sinterit Lisa, powder sieving station Sinterit Sieve and cleaning station Sinterit Sandblaster.

The Lisa printer is capable of printing polyamide products of simple and complex designs: unrelated elements, such as moving parts (one inside the other), and functioning mechanisms. Also several objects can be created in the workspace – as far as there is enough space. The printing head is equipped with a 5 W laser, curing layers from 0,06 to 0,15 mm, and the built-in camera allows to control the process at all stages.

The Sinterit Sandblaster cleaning station is a sandblaster that removes powder particles left behind after printing, as well as more precisely treating and polishing the product. It is equipped with a blowing system. It has compact size and simple operation.

The Sinterit Sieve powder sifting station is a device which allows to clean used powder from impurities and melted lumps for reuse. It is fully automated, easy to operate, highly productive and has low power consumption.


  • Set of 3 units and necessary accessories.
  • Powder included.
  • Laser power of 5 watts.
  • Built-in camera in the printer.
  • Simultaneous printing of multiple products.
  • No support for model building.
  • Reuse of powder.
  • Easy to use kit.

Types of printing material:
Sinterit Lisa uses PA12 and Flexa Black powder materials for production.

PA12 Smooth is a high quality Nylon-12 gray nylon powder with a particle size of 20-100 microns. It is used for printing detailed objects that are stiff and extremely resistant to adverse conditions, especially temperature. Its mechanical strength and temperature resistance make it an ideal material for functional prototypes or parts for end use.

Flexa Black is a black rubber-like material based on polyurethane elastomer. Products made of it are elastic and flexible, while being very tear-resistant. That is why this powder is widely used in the manufacture of parts where rubber properties are required.

Applications of Sinterit Lisa Set

The Sinterit Lisa Set 3D printing kit has excellent accuracy, performance and yet operates at the maximum speeds for this class of equipment, which provides the best results in the field of high-precision prototyping. That’s why it’s ideal for small-scale production.

Medical equipment – production of tools, prostheses, complex diagnostic constructions of various types and purposes.

Jewelry and design – production of jewelry, decor items, accessories.

Marine devices – modeling and duplication of various instruments used in marine business.

Aviation and cosmonautics – manufacture of high-precision, durable, heat-resistant spare parts and components with high accuracy of detailing.

Power and water engineering – production of high-precision, heat-resistant and high performance parts, elements of various constructions.

Interface/Software features

Operation of the printer is simple and intuitive, and the interface is conveniently organized. Work processes are controlled via a 4 inch touch screen display. Layouts are transferred wirelessly via Wi-Fi connection. Files in STL, OBJ, FBX, 3DS formats are supported.


Printer is equipped with its own microcomputer and can work completely independently. Lisa uses Sinterit Studio 2016, the company’s own development software.

For the screening station and the sandblaster only a power connection is required.

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