Sinterit offers an updated version of the SLS 3D printer Lisa

Two months after the premiere of the new Lisa 2 Pro professional SLS printer, Sinterit now offers an updated version of its flagship Lisa 3D printer, which uses the same selective laser sintering technology. Still at the old price!

Polish company Sinterit – one of the first manufacturers of “affordable” SLS 3D printers. Affordability is a relative concept, but the flagship Lisa desktop systems are offered for $5,000, which is comparable to professional-grade FDM desktop 3D printers. Powdered materials, consisting of polyamides and elastomers, are more expensive than filaments, but not prohibitive – about €60-130 per kilogram on the European market. The updated version of the flagship system features improved hardware, better print quality and more convenient maintenance.

“Our design team has been working tirelessly to improve our proprietary 3D printers since the day the Sinterit Lisa premiered in 2014. We have spent nearly every day for the past four years looking for ways to improve quality and convenience. The work we have done will enable users of our systems to print better and more reliably,” assures Sinterit co-founder Michal Grzymala-Moštšinský.

The first difference between Lisa 1.5 and the original is the increased size of the build area along the Y axis. At the diagonal in the horizontal plane of the size of the working area reaches 245 mm instead of the former 227 mm. The area of the working platform itself has not changed, but the new version provides more uniform heating, which allows to increase the maximum size of printed items.

Thanks to the upgraded hardware, more precise temperature control is achieved, thereby increasing printing reliability. The design of the printer has undergone several changes, including a more efficient heat shield and a new protective glass covering the laser system. The glass itself is easily removable to reduce time spent on maintenance and cleaning after printing. Finally, the new Lisa variant has an improved, more user-friendly user interface.

The Lisa 1.5 will retail at a higher price than the original model, but the company is offering pre-orders at the old price of €4,990. This offer is valid until August 1. More information is available on the official Sinterit website. Translated with (free version)

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