Sintratec Kit 3D printer (SLS builder)

The Sintratec Kit 3D printer (SLS builder) is one of the most affordable solutions working on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology.This builder developed by Swiss company Sintratec once assembled becomes a powerful tool for prototyping in manufacturing, engineering, science, education and other organizations.

The Sintratec Kit 3D printer ( comes as a kit, which, according to the specifications, takes one person about four days to assemble. It is this format of delivery has made it possible to significantly reduce the price of this powerful, professional device.

Once assembled, the 3D printer will have a build area with sides of 110×110×110 mm.

The printer is great for creating functional prototypes of products. With its help you can create objects of almost any shape, with soft or rigid material structure and extremely high quality surface. It can print the most geometrically complex objects – even nested parts as well as springs, springs, soft covers and other flexible products.

The printer’s selective laser sintering (SLS) technology provides such high quality and wide capabilities. It uses a 2.3 W diode laser with a wavelength of 455 nm. This system allows printing at a speed of 5 to 20 mm/s with a layer thickness of 50 to 150 µm. High resolution printing is combined with the ability to produce products with any level of geometric complexity without creating any supporting structures. At the same time, the finished products require almost no post-processing and have smooth edges and surfaces.

Like other SIntratec printers this model uses Sintratec PA-12 and Sintratec TPE powders as consumables. A great advantage of the SLS technology is the possibility to reuse the powder left after printing.

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