Sintratec S2 3D printer

The Sintratec S2 3D printer (with MHS, MCU and Vortex Unit) is a modular, integrated, semi-automated, professional grade SLS printing system. It offers a wide range of opportunities to increase productivity as production grows. The system consists of: Sintratec S2 LSS SLS Print Module, Sintratec MCU, Sintratec MHS First Cleaning Module, Sintratec Vortex Unit Cyclone Separator.

This complete solution from Swiss company Sintratec allows to work with maximum productivity and provides a complete production cycle.

The Sintratec S2 ( selective laser sintering system (with MHS, MCU and Vortex Unit) consists of several modules.

Sintratec S2 LSS 3D printer (SLS printing module)

The printing module is built on an ultra-precise X-Y laser scanning system with a diode laser with a wavelength of 455 nm and a power of 2,3 W. Its speed is 550 to 650 mm/s, which provides a printing speed of 5 to 20 mm/s.

The build area has dimensions of 160×160×400 mm and a cylindrical shape. It provides the most uniform heating and quality ventilation. This optimizes the entire printing process and achieves exceptionally high product repeatability.

There are eight controlled heating zones in the build area. Thanks to this solution, all printing processes are optimized and the highest possible quality results are achieved. Another successful solution is the multi-level heating system, which ensures a perfect surface finish of the printed products. A non-contact surface temperature control system is also provided.

For real-time monitoring, a 4K camera is located in the build area. Thanks to its high resolution, the operator is able to evaluate not only the quality of the object as a whole, but also the print quality of individual layers.

To control all printing processes, Sintratec S2 LSS 3D printer is equipped with a convenient touch screen. The printer also has the function of remote connection to the system for remote control and printing monitoring.

For the consumables Sintratec S2 LSS 3D printer uses Sintratec PA-12 and Sintratec TPE polyamide powders.

Sintratec MHS Primary Cleaning Module for the S2

The MHS cleaning module provides automatic sieving and high powder cleaning. The operator does not need any additional equipment or attachments.

The module has the functions of stirring the powder as well as sieving and collecting it for reuse after printing.

The module is controlled by a user-friendly touch screen.

The module is able to connect remotely to the system for remote control and monitoring. The entire process can be monitored with a 4K camera.

Sintratec MHS for S2 is integrated with Sintratec Vortex Unit Vacuum Powder Cleaning System.

Sintratec MCU Print Media Loading Module for S2

This essential module greatly improves the productivity of the entire printing system and reduces downtimes. It is integrated with the MHS cleaning module.

The MCU has two powder containers at the same time, thus ensuring a smooth printing process. The build chamber is equipped with a multi-zone heating system.

Also the module is equipped with a system of automatic control of powder consumption.

Cyclone separator Sintratec Vortex Unit

Sintratec Vortex Unit allows efficient removal of the remaining powder after printing, cleaning it and collecting it for reuse.

The Sintcratec Vortex Unit is an industrial grade antistatic vacuum cleaner with a single-motor wet-dry vacuum module. The module is equipped with a high efficiency pre-separator.

The Sintratec S2 selective laser sintering system (with MHS, MCU and Vortex Unit) can also be completed with the Sintratec Polishing Station and the Sintratec Blasting Station.

You can buy Sintratec S2 3D printer (with MHS, MCU and Vortex Unit) at our office in Moscow, with warranty and delivery within Russia from the official dealer.

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