The Modix Big 60 V3 3D Printer

If you’re looking for a 3D printer, you should definitely consider the Modix Big 60 V3 (look top3dshop) if you’re looking to print objects with a finer layer thickness. With this printer, you can print layers as small as 40 microns and get parts with smooth exterior surfaces. Its features include a PEI surface and a milled aluminum heat bed. There are also dual heating zones and a 100-probing-point auto-bed-leveling system. Another improvement is the addition of four ball screws instead of three.

Easy to use

The easy-to-use Modix Big-60 is the perfect printer for hobbyists and 3D printing enthusiasts alike. Whether you are just starting out or need something for a more demanding application, this printer is designed with you in mind. The Modix Big 60 is extremely customizable and versatile, and assembling it is a true labor of love. Plus, it offers an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio.


With a flexible design, the Modix BIG-60 allows you to customize the machine to suit your needs. It uses 9mm genuine GATES GT2 belts and 4 SFU1204 ball screws with belted gear reduction, and features HIWIN MGNW9 linear rails. The Modix Big 60 features casters for mobility, and includes regular support guides to help you customize your machine. This printer offers great value for money and can help you produce customized parts.


The Modix Big-60 is a highly customizable 3D printer that’s also surprisingly affordable. This printer is designed for beginners and experienced 3D print enthusiasts alike. Assembling this printer is a labor of love and the results are truly exceptional. Moreover, the printer is easy to operate and has a wealth of features under $4,000.

Compatible with most software

While you are shopping for a laptop, consider purchasing one that is compatible with the operating system you are using. You should choose a laptop that will last you for at least four to five years of college, be light enough to carry to classes, and have a decent battery life. Ideally, the laptop you choose should be able to run most software programs. Software compatibility is directly affected by the operating system. Windows 10 is the most commonly used operating system for laptops, but you may also consider buying a Macintosh laptop.

Has a single nozzle

The Modix Big 60 is an industrial-grade large-format printer that prints in high-quality materials. The machine’s axes are powered by new MGW motion rails that provide improved accuracy and smoothness. There are four ball-screws on the Z-axis and improved cable management. A 3mm aluminum composite panel enclosure provides improved noise insulation. The Modix Big 60 is priced at $1,399, and it ships with a 12-month warranty.

Has a dual print head

The Modix BIG-60 V3 3D printer has a large build volume and higher resolution than many other 2D printers. It also offers a minimum layer thickness of 0.04 mm. It is recommended that you purchase an optional dual print head to speed up printing of support structures and similar models. However, you must be aware that this model does not come with a standard WLAN module. You might also need a closed case for this model.

Has a Volcano V6 hot end

Has a Volcano V6 hotend been designed for the latest 3D printers? The V6 is an all-metal design that reaches up to 300degC using the thermistor included. This high-temperature heater block lets you print on standard or high-temperature materials. It also features a cartridge-style heater block that makes replacement a breeze. Unlike other hotends, the V6 features a grub screw that makes it easy to secure replacement parts.

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