Ultimaker Released Beta Version of Cura 4.12 Slicer

Cura is known to be the most popular slicer with pre-designed profiles for 3D printers such as Ultimaker, Creality, Anycubic, and even Ultimaker’s direct competitor the Raise3D Pro2, and a great many others.

In addition to the usual optimization, version 4.12 includes a new economical infill option and an improved interface.

The improved monotonic ordering feature removes scarring and makes for higher quality of top surfaces by orderly building layers in one direction. Version 4.12 has advanced settings with the exception of profiles for TPU-95A and printing in high-speed mode (Draft).

Optimization of layering with a bug fix reduces ringing and improves resolution.

The new lightning infill minimizes material consumption for internal structures and reduces print time while maintaining the quality of top layers. It should be borne in mind that economical use of material reduces the overall strength of resulting models, so this filling method is intended for decorative rather than functional products.

App switcher. A new navigation module makes it easy to switch and manage other Ultimaker apps, including Digital Factory, Marketplace, 3D Printing Academy, and tech support.

Faster start. Thanks to optimized data caching, the slicer now starts up about 10 seconds faster.

Elimination of vulnerabilities. Developers have generally improved software security, for example, by updating code libraries.

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