Shining Einscan Pro HD 3D Scanner

3D scanner Shining Einscan Pro HD with Solid Edge is a professional device for multifunctional scanning from the famous Chinese manufacturer Shining 3d.


  • Accuracy;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • High performance;
  • Almost instantaneous data transfer;
  • Scan black, glossy and colored surfaces;
  • ExScan pro software.

Einscan Pro HD is a powerful 3D design tool that opens up a huge range of possibilities. The scanner produces high quality, high-resolution images. It has a comfortable grip and can be used hand-held or tripod mounted. Suitable for scanning objects with complex geometry. Perfectly copes with full color and black & white scanning. It also digitizes shiny, metallic objects.

Einscan Pro is used to create three-dimensional bas-reliefs, figurines, prosthetics, portraits, pictures, and other details of different shapes.

The ExScan Pro software developed by Shining 3D has a full set of tools for editing and creating high-quality models.

The scanner can be used in design, architecture, medicine, portrait face scanning, reverse engineering and more.

Sample products:


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