Shining 3D EinScan-SP 3D Scanner Overview

The Shining 3D EinScan-SP 3D scanner is an improvement on the previous EinScan-SE model, but has several distinctive features that make it more accurate and versatile. This color scanner is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike for practical applications.


scanning process

The spatial object is scanned by 2 cameras with 2 megapixel resolution equipped with an illuminated lens. Research is made by means of a white light source which is absolutely safe for human eyes. The device is capable of working in 2 modes – manual and automatic scanning.

Manual mode (Fixed Scan) provides copying of objects of complex geometry with maximum length of any side over 25 cm and weight over 5 kg. The object under study is placed on a level platform, and the scanner is set on a tripod. The part’s position is changed manually.

Automatic mode (Auto Scan) is used to scan smaller objects (up to 5 kg weight and length up to 25 cm) with a rather simple configuration. Quality copying is provided on light, matte objects. When working with transparent, shiny and dark parts, their surface is pre-coated with a special spray. In this mode the object is placed on the turntable of the machine with markers. All procedures are performed in automatic mode.

Technical characteristics of the device:

  • minimum scanning area – 30× 30× 30 mm;
  • Maximum scanning area in Auto Scan – 250 × 250 × 250 mm, in Fixed Scan – 1200 × 1200 × 1200 mm;
  • Scanning speed: 4 s (Fixed Scan) and 1 min (Auto Scan);
  • distance to the object – 290 (minimum) and 480 mm (maximum);
  • accuracy – 0.05 mm
  • power consumption – 50 W;
  • dimensions of the device – 21×21×57 cm
  • weight – 4,2 kg.

Important: transfer of parameters is provided in STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC formats. The machine is compatible with operating systems from Windows 7 and up.

Main features

The model has the following advantages:

  • high-precision object detailing;
  • High scanning speed;
  • Calibration in semi-automatic mode;
  • easy preparation, connection and operation;
  • compatibility with virtually all 3D printers;
  • radiation safety;
  • russified software;
  • attractive appearance.

It should be noted that there are certain disadvantages as well:

  • significant limitations on the size and weight of the object during automatic copying;
  • the need to install a Nvidia video card.

The model under review has a higher cost than the previous one, but the increased accuracy and scanning speed make it attractive enough for consumers.


configuration photo

The scanner is implemented in such a complete set:

  • a scanner with Discovery Pack cameras, an Nvidia graphics card (GTX 660 or higher) and a Dual-core i5 processor or higher;
  • stand and cradle;
  • turntable;
  • tripod;
  • calibration plate with stand;
  • power cord and USB cord;
  • set of markers;
  • USB flash drive;
  • power supply unit.

The equipment set provides its complete and fast preparation for work.

Who is suitable for it?

The technical parameters of the scanner make it possible to use it in a wide range of human activities.

Reverse engineering

scanning process

With the help of a 3D model of a part, it is possible to study its parameters in order to improve it further. The designer goes from the reverse. A copy is taken from an existing object, and then its modification is carried out.

Quality and wear control

The exact replica can be inspected by any means to detect latent defects. It can be subjected to destructive testing. In this way it is possible to study the process of corrosion, for example, inside the pipe.


scanning of a joystick.

A scanner allows you to make an exact model of any part of complex equipment, a car, or even an airplane. This then allows you to use a 3D printer to produce it in full compliance with the original. Such parts can even be used in the manufacture of complex equipment.


scan of the jaw

Spatial modeling is actively used by dentists. The scanner is used to create a digital model of implants that exactly fit the client. Moreover, the display can be used to recreate the smile he will have when these implants are placed. Great possibilities open up for the fabrication of human lower and upper limb prostheses. With the help of special programs it is possible to see how the simulated prostheses will work. An ideal copy of a human bone can be made. Using three-dimensional models of internal organs diagnostics of various diseases and pathologies is carried out.


process of scanning a jug.

The scanner allows you to copy any statuettes, decorative elements, furniture parts, picture frames, etc. With its help, you can create a complete imitation of stucco, carvings of any material, embossing, antique objects.


Three-dimensional models of manufactured products are widely used as advertising. Plastic samples can be copied on a 3D printer in large quantities and can be used to attract potential buyers and customers. It is easier to attract investors, because it is possible to demonstrate the best qualities of the goods.


3D scanning of a toy

The scanner eliminates the need to make dolls and layouts. It can create a digital three-dimensional model of almost any creature or object, and a special program will bring them to life.

Repair and restoration


By spatial modeling you can restore the original appearance of the object. This method allows you to make a broken part for subsequent repair of household appliances or any accessories. For example, there are no problems with the manufacture of a gear from plastic.

Exhibits for museums and exhibitions

3D scan figurines

An exact copy of vintage items, which will repeat not only the shape and color, but also the structure of the material, can be exhibited in any museum. A vintage item can be restored by correcting the 3-D model, thus eliminating chips, cracks, and other defects.


human skeleton

Spatial models can provide visualization of the educational process. With their help, you can make an exact copy of, for example, the human skeleton.


Nowadays it is not only documents, texts, and photos that can be archived. Dimensional scanners allow for the archiving of accurate 3D models of objects.

The practical applications of the Shining 3D EinScan-SP are tremendous. It is difficult to list all the options. Professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists and the curious can take advantage of their capabilities.

Scanning Examples

Here are some examples of what scanners can do.

Glasses repair. The frames of any exclusive optical or sunglasses can be repaired with a Shining 3D Einscan SP scanner and a 3D printer. If the bridge is broken, all you have to do is scan the remaining half of it and use reverse engineering to repair the broken part. The part is shiny and therefore requires a coating of matting spray. The repaired accessory is shown in the photo.


Advertisement. The application of the scanner can be shown by the example of a small bakery.

Its owner decided to make a three-dimensional model of his products as an advertisement. He placed the baked goods on the turntable of the machine and scanned them. He printed the model out of plastic on a 3D printer and then painted it. A photo shows what he made.

Scanning a croissant.

Installation for the interior. The photo shows an installation with butterflies. The insects were scanned in Fixed Scan mode. The camera captures the rich colors of the butterflies and the smallest details. Models are 3D printed with replicas of insects of different sizes and shades.


Detail of the decor in the form of a statuette. If you really like some antique trinket, it is not necessary to buy it for a huge amount of money. It is enough to make a three-dimensional copy with a scanner. The photo shows a real example of how to do it. The scan was made in Fixed Scan mode. An absolute copy can be made of plastic or plaster. Visually it is almost indistinguishable from the original.


The Shining 3D Einscan SP color scanner can reproduce all the fine details and color shades very accurately. The copies are virtually indistinguishable from the originals, and special software allows you to edit the constructed three-dimensional models.

Software used

The scanners under consideration come with free proprietary software EinScan-S for Windows. It has the following features:

  1. Multiple alignment options, markers. Provides alignment in Rapid Scan mode.
  2. Easy data capture and fast processing in automatic mode. You can always know the next step by using the “question mark”.
  3. Simultaneous display of data, allowing adjustments to be made at just the right moment and in just the right amount.
  4. Advanced algorithm for highly accurate data. Global data logging function.
  5. Compatibility with all common CAD and 3D printer software.
  6. Ability to edit the mesh (hole cleaning and filling, data simplification, smoothing, sharpening, etc.).
  7. Providing color and texture capture of the object
  8. Simple and efficient interface. Ability to pause and revert the previous project. Switching to different languages.
  9. Fast data uploading to Sketchfab.

Important: The software combines scans in automatic and manual mode, selects the type of digital model, sends it for printing or provides storage for processing.

Instructions for initial setup and preparation

The scanner is unpacked and in a disassembled state. It is assembled according to the instructions and takes no more than 8-10 minutes. Put a turntable on the stand on one side and screw the stand on the other side. The scanner is electrically connected to the stage and to your computer (laptop) through the USB port.

Calibration is provided before you start scanning. For its carrying out the calibration plate included in the complete set of the device, is established on a support and a turntable. The user controls the process on the monitor according to the instructions. The calibration is carried out in a semi-automatic mode. Necessary commands are displayed on the screen, prompting operators for the next action. If it is necessary to copy the object texture, the white balance is additionally adjusted.

Analyzing the review, the following conclusions can be made:

  • The color 3D scanner Shining 3D Einscan SP is a modern apparatus capable of creating high-quality three-dimensional models of objects of various complexity.
  • It can work in manual (fixed) and automatic mode.
  • The device is suitable for amateurs and professionals. It is actively used for design, production and repair, reverse engineering and quality control, in medicine, in creating animation and other areas of human activity.
  • Users use concrete examples to show how the scanner can be used in practice and how efficiently it can be used in practice.

Simplicity, speed and accuracy are ensured by the advanced software, which comes free of charge with the scanner.
The scanner must be prepared and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Copying quality is guaranteed when the scanner is used correctly. You can use the machine without any special training.

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