Shining Einscan Pro 2x 2020 3D Scanner

The Shining Einscan Pro 2x 2020 3D scanner ( is an improved device from a Chinese supplier. The device belongs to the middle price segment and has a wide range of functions. It is used in the field of design, architecture, repair, health care, restoration. In other words, the scanner is universal and completely up-to-date.

Features of the Shining Einscan Pro 2x 3D Scanner

Scanning objects in HD is now possible without the use of markers, using the manual mode. The quality and detailing of objects is now much better than in previous models. Volumetric accuracy is improved for large objects;
Has a high speed when working in manual mode and the scanning area has also been expanded. Equipped with a convenient leveling function, it noticeably improves the efficiency. It supports four operation modes;
Its compact size and light weight make it easy to transport. It comes with a handle for extra convenience. It is equipped with connectors for PC connection.

Advantages of Shining Einscan Pro 2x 3D Scanner

The renewed scanner amazes with its rapid object processing speed. It is capable of both automatic and manual scanning. The quality of the scans is exceptionally high and every little detail is scanned. The operation panel is advanced and easy to use.
For versatility, the scanner has several useful options. The first allows for color scanning with an optional camera. The second is the tripod and table that allow you to scan in the studio.
It supports a wide variety of popular software. Files can be saved in a format convenient for work. It can be edited while scanning: smoothing, sharpening, and more.
The updated scanner was a revelation for the global market. In spite of its affordable price, it has a wide range of functions. The package already contains software that allows you to solve many problems. Great for beginners and experienced professionals.

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