Massivit 3D Showcases Hybrid 3D Printer for Casting Tool Production

It is reported that the Israeli firm Massivit 3D is accepting reservations in the form of Massivit 10000 hybrid machines that blend 3D printing on resin with epoxy casting.

The latest additive casting machines are focusing on increasing the efficiency of the field of forming tools. Massivit’s 3D printing machines will quickly create epoxy molds to aid in the creation of composite parts. The process is based upon 3D printing of formwork that is water-soluble with extrusion tools that apply photopolymer gels with immediate exposure to UV. When the mold is constructed then a fast-curing epoxy will be in the cavity. When this process mold is rinsed clean; If it is necessary, the mold will be manually cleaned.

The most significant benefits of the latest hybrid technology known as Cast-In-Motion (CIM) is the reduction in production steps between nineteen and four (3D printing pouring, formwork removal post-processing) which saves time and human resources due to due to the high level of automation and elimination of waste.

The technology permits for the usage of thermosetting materials with high temperatures of thermal deformation and an extremely low temperature coefficient. The built area of Massivit 10000 reaches 1.2 x 1.5 1.65 x 1.65 meters, which allows the production of large-sized machines such as the manufacturing of automobile seat seats, hydrofoil casings or fairings designed for unmanned aircrafts, as depicted in the photos.

“This market is awash with innovations that can change the way molds are made to allow manufacturers to speed up the lead time from weeks to several days. Through the automation of the mold manufacturing method, we’re in a position give manufacturers the opportunity to drastically cut cost and minimize the materials waste. The booming demands for the digital mold solution is a testament to the urgent necessity for this breakthrough in technology” said Erez Zimerman, chief executive officer at Massivit.

The brand new system will be showcased during the CAMX 2021 expo in Dallas, Texas. Delivery will begin shortly, although the exact date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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