Modix BIG-Meter 3D printer

The Modix BIG-Meter 3D printer ( is a large-size professional device for FDM/FFF 3D printing.


  • High-quality printing;
  • Stability;
  • Construction prefabricated;
  • A robust aluminum frame with a T-slot
  • Large working chamber;
  • Automatic calibration of tilt of platform;
  • Four motors on Z and X;
  • Sensor to detect filament runout
  • Dual zone silicone heater;
  • Two print heads;
  • PEI coating for printing
  • Hiwin MGW rail guides;
  • Z-axis Ball Screws (4 4. );
  • Peaceful Trinamic TMC2660 drivers
  • RepRap firmware;
  • 7” touchscreen;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • The ability to upgrade and expand components;
  • Software compatibility with graphics.

BIG-Meter is without doubt one of the more ambitious large 3D printer produced by the manufacturer Modix It is kit to be assembled. This makes it easy to transport. Once assembled the printer is able to have dimensions of 1300*1470*1830mm. The chamber for working is 1.010*1.010*1.010 millimeters. The print head is equipped with smooth strokes with the help of top-quality railroad tracks by Hiwin. This set is equipped with nozzles that have a standard size of 0.4 millimeters. Printing is possible using any size of nozzle. The minimum height of the layer is 40 millimeters. This allows you to print parts that have an even and smooth surface. To ensure good adhesion the printing platform has an PEI coating, which effectively keeps the object in place and lets it be removed easily from the surface of printing.
The 3D printer can be used for printing furniture, cases designs, furniture etc.

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