The Modix 120X is a large-format professional FDM 3D printer

The Modix 120X is a large-format professional FDM 3D printer. It is available as a complete set or as an add-on to any Modix Big 60 V2. Indeed, the 120X is an enlarged version of the Big 60, with twice the volume of its counterpart. It comes with a flat pack with all the parts and tools you need. The company provides you with detailed manuals and video instructions for easy assembly. The modular design, consisting of T-slot aluminum profiles and standardized parts, allows for stress-free assembly.

Given its huge assembly volume and robust structure, it offers really good value for money. The printer is designed for professional users and offers high performance and precision. As such, it includes only top quality components that have been proven in the market. For example, it is designed with Hiwin guides, an E3D V6 vulcan and titanium extruder, professional signal cables from IGUS, and a 10 mm wide timing belt with steel cores. The heated bed includes dual-zone silicon heaters. It is coated with a PEI printed surface with 3M adhesive for improved adhesion and print removal.

You can install one or two extrusion systems and an optional enclosure for improved temperature control and stability. The printer also supports a number of upgrades and add-ons, including a built-in camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. The engineering-grade extruder handles a wide range of filaments, including PLA, PETG, PVA, ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, TPU, Woodfil, Carbon Composite, and other materials. The extruder comes with a fan for printing PLA type materials. A cooling model that reduces strain strain and generally provides higher quality prints.

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