3D Scanner Comparison: Shining 3D Einscan-SP vs RangeVision Spectrum

If you want to understand the simple and budget-friendly models of color 3D scanners, our review is for you. Today we will compare RangeVision Spectrum and Shining 3D Einscan-SP models – inexpensive devices with high performance. In our article you will get acquainted with the characteristics of the devices, their features, strengths and weaknesses, fundamental differences.

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Description of Einscan-SP

Einscan-SP – 3D scanner by Shining 3D (https://top3dshop.com/blog/shining-3d-einscan-sp-3d-scanner-review) – the Chinese developer and manufacturer of digital equipment: 3D printers, 3D scanners, related products. The company is known on the world market for over 15 years, thanks to the high quality of its products and the active position of the manufacturer: Shining 3D devices are presented at the leading industry exhibitions and highlighted on topical online and offline sites.

Einscan-SP is an inexpensive scanner, which is one of the important advantages of the device. Other advantages of the model are the possibility of color scanning, user-friendly interface and easy setup. For working with small objects (up to 0.2 m) the scanner has a rotating platform. It must be noted that it takes only a few minutes to scan a black and white model on the platform (the exact time depends on the capabilities of the computer).

To work with objects of larger size, up to 1.2 m on each axis, a turntable is not used. The accuracy of the models is 50 microns.

All working elements, the projector and two cameras, are contained in one body. Before starting scanning you need to set up the working module and the platform on any suitable flat surface with a firm base.

Description Spectrum

RangeVision Spectrum is a Russian 3D scanner. RangeVision has been working in the field of digital technology for over 10 years. Despite the fact that the company’s products belong to the professional devices, the manufacturer has managed to put on the market a relatively inexpensive models. The budget 3D scanner works in black and white and color modes. The advantage of the model – a large working area: the device works with objects up to 3 meters in size on each axis. Thanks to the high resolution – 60 microns, the device is used in many areas. Inexperienced users will probably spend a little more time to set up the device than the Chinese analogue.

Einscan-SP and Spectrum package

In the package with the scanner Einscan-SP you will find all the necessary accessories for work:

  • metal base;
  • Tripod – very handy, built into the turntable;
  • calibration kit;
  • All cables and accessories;
  • documentation package.


Completion Spectrum is similar to the kit of Chinese production, but it is worth noting that the whole set of equipment is packed in a rugged case, which is usually supplied with more expensive devices. And the tripod here is much more serious, because it is not a desktop, but a floor device.

The contents of the package:

  • 3D scanner;
  • A turntable up to 5 kg is included,
  • optionally purchaseable platform up to 60 kg;
  • magnetic stand and a set of boards for calibration;
  • all necessary cables;
  • USB hub;
  • set of documents;
  • sticker set.

Preparatory work for the Einscan-SP

As we have already mentioned, the simplicity of the preparatory work is an important competitive advantage of the model. The algorithm is controlled by the software, showing each next step to the user. To start the workflow, simply place the calibration board on the stand and watch the automated actions of the software. If a turntable is used, you will need to change the position of the board by 90 degrees. To adjust the white balance, a sheet of white paper is placed in front of the scanner, and the device adjusts itself automatically.

You can digitize an object with or without marks. When working on a rotary platform, they are not needed. The software monitors the parameters of the image: if there are problems with the exposure, the program gives a signal and offers to make adjustments.

Preparatory work for Spectrum

It takes more time to set up this device. First you need to mount the projector on a tripod and set the cameras on the slider. Preparing the cameras requires the participation of the operator: the aperture setting and focusing are done manually. The quality of the finished model depends on the operator’s attention and experience. After setting up the cameras the calibration process begins. The calibration board moves within the working area until the cameras have taken eleven different frames. Monochrome stickers must be used when digitizing larger objects.

RangeVision and Shining 3D software

Source: rangevision.com

The entire Shining 3D scanner product line is based on the EinScan Software package. The developers have created an easy to understand program with a number of tips for the user. It is possible to combine several images by corresponding points to get a whole picture.


ScanCenter NG enables RangeVision 3D scanners. It is a software with a wide range of features but an accessible interface. The software is also capable of “assembling” an entire image from multiple images in automatic or manual modes.

Shining 3D Einscan-SP case


An American developer of military equipment was faced with the task of creating an innovative weapon holster complete with a flashlight. The accessory had to meet a number of requirements: have a rigid design for a secure fit, and allow for quick extraction of its contents. T.REX ARMS engineers scanned the gun with Einscan-SP and designed a holster based on the finished model.

RangeVision Spectrum case

Auto scan

Source: rangevision.com

The task of the graduation project of the Moscow Polytechnic students was to improve the aerodynamics of a sports car. They chose Spectrum to digitize the body. Using markers and photogrammetry technology the specialists created a model from separate scanned elements in just one working day.

Let’s compare models

Let’s summarize and compare the strengths of RangeVision’s Spectrum and Shining 3D Einscan-SP scanners.

The Shining 3D Einscan-SP is known for the following features:

Ease of use;
Easy calibration;
Quick model creation;
Budget cost.

Strengths of RangeVision Spectrum:

Scans objects up to 300 cm in size;
Comes with a hard case.


The Shining 3D Einscan-SP and RangeVision Spectrum are professional equipment that excel at digitizing objects, performing reverse engineering and prototyping tasks. High resolution color scanning is an undeniable advantage of both models.

That is where the similarity ends.

The Chinese scanner is easy to use even for inexperienced users. All you need to start working is to connect it to your computer and follow the program recommendations. The size of scanned objects is limited to 120 centimeters on each side. The scanner is perfect for 3D scanning a lot of small objects, like jewelry catalogs or wearable electronics with 3D illustrations. It can also be used for reverse-engineering of small parts.

Russian Spectrum is closer to professional devices than to amateur ones. It works with objects up to 300 cm and requires some experience for adjustment. Comes with a handy carrying case, which holds the necessary accessories. This is more of an industrial tool, it will be redundant for simple digitization of goods on the site.

To summarize: Shining 3D Einscan-SP is a model for beginners and simple tasks, RangeVision Spectrum is more suitable for technical specialists, for professional use.

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